Ukrainian banks will now make a sellers of apartments

21.03.2013 01:15
Articles about real estate | Ukrainian banks will now make a sellers of apartments Financial institution "shines" income from 65% of transactions in the secondary market. Starting in April, commercial banks will receive the income from 65% sold in the secondary market of real estate.

The reason for that - the entry into force in April, the National Bank Resolution "On establishing the maximum amount of cash payments." Thus, according to him, all payments of more than 150 thousand UAH should be non-cash. According to experts, under this restriction gets about 65% or two thirds of the sale in Ukraine "secondary."

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Thus, most of the operations of purchase / sale of real estate from next month will be held with the direct involvement of banks. At the same time, representatives of the Bank notes that the Commission during these operations will not exceed 1-1.5%.

However, in its judgment, the NBU does not provide for any restrictions on the commission for commercial banks, so the percentage for the financial transaction can be changed to increase. Thus, a similar situation can be observed in the market selling a car, when banks do charge for IRED cash transactions of up to 7% commission.

It should be noted that for the violation of this ordinance is ready to impose tax penalties. In this case, the penalties can range from Rs 1700. Rs 17,000 (for a second violation limit).

By the way, these innovations are mainly affected by the secondary real estate market, as 97% of the primary operations now done through bank transfer.
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