Tryukachestvo and sell - the norm for the real estate market

30.09.2010 09:29
So says the analyst of real estate portal Vladimir Kolomeiko.<br />For sale of apartments are now many. A natural question is: how can they be trusted? In particular, as far as quoted in the announcement of the price to the prices, which have appointed landlords? It's no secret that the landlord is an ad for the sale, as it immediately reproduce the mediators. And often do it creatively: they change their phone numbers, descriptions and prices of apartments. In most cases, even without notifying the owners - the expert said.<br /><br />Why do I get direct phone owners on their own - understandable. But why do some mediators overstated prices, while others underestimate - this should be dealt with, writes Bagnet.<br /><br />Overstate the prices are usually inexperienced mediators (hoping to sell an apartment is more expensive). But experienced mediators sometimes this sin. Say, a broker sells quite a specific apartment, but it does not even look. That gives the announcement of sales of similar apartments, but at higher prices. On the background of the high prices his apartment looks much more attractive.<br /><br />Why underestimate prices in ads?<br /><br />- The reasons are many. We present the main.<br /><br />Often publish such ads themselves buyers. Similarly, they not only reduce the overall price level, but receive a strong case for viewing and bidding. Like, that's printout (or newspaper), in which similar apartments are much cheaper. Want to sell - to reduce the price even more.<br /><br />Understate prices in ads and intermediaries. Similarly they are trying to attract the attention of potential buyers. But this is not the only reason.<br /><br />Often this is an elaborate marketing ploy. The fact that the purchase of apartments in Kiev are almost always related to trafficking. Here are the mediators and reduce the price in advance, assuming that the attractiveness of their ads will grow, and the sellers (with real buyers) agree to and with their participation in the transaction, and with lower prices.<br /><br />Of course, all this is very unhealthy. Tryukachestvo in such a socially important area as buying and selling real estate is not allowed. And to combat this sort of thing is necessary, including informing them about the company (as the saying goes, forewarned - means armed).<br /><br />But, first and foremost, you must create a legal basis. In particular, there must be a special law on real estate activity, which prohibits advertising real estate without the written permission of the owners. This will not only reduce the number of false and duplicate ads, but also dramatically increase the chances of buyers directly go to the sellers.<br /><br />In conclusion, the data that characterize the divergence of price offers and prices of actual sales.<br /><br />According to real estate agency Obolon Planet "in recent months, this difference ranged from 10 to 18%. That is, the apartments were sold at 10-18% cheaper than average prices in a particular market segment. In the midst of the crisis (December 2008 - February 2009) the difference reaches 40%.<br /><br />True, by analyzing these figures, please be aware that the statistics of sales prices is based on a very limited number of transactions, because it must be seen only as a refraction process at the Kiev real estate market through these specific transactions.<br /><br /><br />
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