Townhouse or apartment?

02.04.2008 00:00
Articles about real estate | Townhouse or apartment? Forecasts of analysts constantly predicting higher prices for apartments, the lack of proposals for economy class - the situation in Kiev real estate market has forced many to seek more affordable options. A good alternative to the urban housing could become more recently, the format of real estate - townhouses.

Apartment or cottage?

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Traditionally, townhouses emerged in the XIX century in London. At that time, the British built houses close to each other in order to ensure transport access. Now Townhouse - common in the West, the format property. And we have his popularity is also growing.

In the current version of the town house - a combination of apartments and holiday home. Externally it is a cottage in two or three floors with a small area in front of the house. The distinguishing feature townhouse - are common end walls and general communication. In other words, town house - a cottage with its neighbors behind the wall. On the ground floor often located living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, garage. On the second - two or three bedrooms and a bathroom. The internal layout is simple but very comfortable.

Townhouses are three types:

- A cottage divided into several apartments with separate entrances;

- Standing in a row with common side walls;

- Stagger home with a partial adjunction walls.

The main advantage of this format for both buyers and builders is the savings.

During the construction of town house occupies much less land than the cottage. In this case the buyer gets more square feet than in the flat (100 m2). Due to the common walls and common communication system reduces the cost of erecting buildings, thanks to this price per square meter town house is lower than in a city apartment.

Monthly payments for the maintenance townhouse is less than the contents of the cottage and a little more expensive than the rent.

The only drawback - it is the neighbors behind the wall. However, it is easy to turn into dignity, just friends with them

Most townhouses - is a family shelter. They are suitable for young families who can not yet afford a detached cottage.

Like to live in a townhouse and those who want to leave the bustling city, stay outdoors, but do not want to buy a separate house.

Very often the town house - a stage of transition from flat to a personal home. In the city townhouse still remains a housing premium, but outside the city is in most cases cost housing.

Where and how much?

In the city townhouses being built are rarely, mostly in the countryside in a cottage village. "Newbuilding and Credit" managed to find a townhouse in the city, in the final stages of construction in Goloseyevsky area. The developer of the project - construction company "Valkyrie". In a slight distance from the city townhouses can be found in cottage settlements: "Golden Gate", "Romanov", "Three Rivers", "Pine Forest", "Sun City", "Novobogdanovka", "Knyazhichi", "lake farm".

Average price of 1 m2 townhouse in the suburb of Kiev from $ 1800. The price generates a number of factors: location, distance from town, transport availability, infrastructure, etc.

In order to verify the bytuyuschem view of the high liquidity of townhouses, "Newbuilding and Credit phoned 9 companies-builders. Indeed, in the final stages of construction, virtually all homes sold. To date, the profitability of construction of townhouses is obvious. In the future, because of the high cost of land realization Townhouse towns located within the boundaries of the capital, is unlikely. All the most comfortable seats already occupied.

According to experts, the construction of housing in the town house format will be developed just outside the city. And early on excellent position indicates the number appearing recently townhouses. Will they have the basic format of the suburban real estate, or will remain representatives of the economy class, depends on the quality of this type of real estate.

Experts agree that the next few years selling suburban real estate will be kept at about 400 thousand m2 annually. In the next five years the number of cottage settlements on the outskirts of Kiev triple choice will become much more diverse.

Comment specialist

Alexander Burlachenko, CEO of "Valkyrie"

Introduced a couple of years ago, the format townhouse enjoys strong demand. Despite the fact that the price for this type of real estate includes the price of land, construction and houses adjoining the site, the cost per square meter is more affordable than in the flat. In the future, type of construction town house will become popular because it covers a layer of people who have money to buy apartments for an average price, but I do not want to live in a city with all the traffic jams, gassy, etc., but in a separate house of money is not enough . Here the optimal solution - Townhouse.
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