To distinguish the Crimean lands to more than 70 million USD

26.01.2011 11:21
Articles about real estate | To distinguish the Crimean lands to more than 70 million USD According to preliminary estimates for work on delimitation of state and municipal property outside settlements should be approximately 24.4 million USD, and within their borders - 50 million USD.

Such data Reskomzema head of Crimea, Alexander Chabanov voiced during the retreat at the statutory monetary evaluation of land.

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About this site "Krym.Kommentarii" reported at the headquarters of the information policy of the Council of Ministers of the ARC.

According to Chabanova, the only settlement in the Crimea, where the work is done on the division of land is n. Amenity Simeiz soviet.
To this there are objective reasons, the head Reskomzema, including lack of funding. If needed 18.6 million UAH, including 6.1 million USD - from the state budget, and UAH 12.5 million - from local budgets over the past 5 years, respectively, allocated 246 thousand UAH and 645 UAH.

Shepherds believe that this work should be accelerated in the first place by local authorities and immediately noticed that the financial support of development projects, land for the demarcation of land within settlements should lie on the shoulders of local budgets and from the state budget will be paid solely the work of their boundaries.

Along with this, the head of State Office of autonomy urged the leaders of village councils, whose territory borders the park, to enable work to establish the boundaries of land sites and areas of natural reserve fund and under the water bodies and coastal protection strips. Especially, in his opinion, this is true of the Miskhorsky Park.

"Illegally erected within the boundaries of protected parks facilities should be eliminated," - said a shepherd.
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