Three arguments for buying the finished apartment in new building

22.09.2010 20:40
Articles about real estate | Three arguments for buying the finished apartment in new building A few years ago about the finished apartment in new building could only dream of. Most housing was sold at the construction stage before putting the house. Recently the situation has changed a lot. Apartments in ready homes - are not uncommon. And there are interesting proposals in different areas of Moscow.

Told the magazine Basil Mitko, director general of the agency MIAN, approximately 25-30% of the proposals of the primary market in Moscow account for objects that have passed the State Commission (SC). Assessment Olga Novikova, a leading analyst company NDV-estate ", the proportion of proposals have already handed over the houses - about 30%. But depending on the county, this figure could vary. "In the NEAD amount surrendered objects is about 12%, and HLW - more than 50%", - says the expert. And in the MIEL-Development "and do share apartments already handed houses was estimated at 40-45% of the total supply of primary market of Moscow.

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Increasing the supply of finished houses not only due to lower demand in the crisis years, but the problems themselves developers. As told Artem Rzhavsky, director of consulting and analytics company "ABC Housing", in 2009, most developers have experienced problems with the financing of construction, so we were forced to devote all available resources to complete the already constructed objects. New projects on the market practically does not appear. And the total share of new buildings, located on the fourth stage of completion (finishing work, preparation for the GC) and fifth (commissioning and occupancy) in Moscow, reached 80% (almost 50% and 30% respectively).

Buyers want to speed up new home

Apartments in houses handed enjoy good demand. "If we consider the transaction customers Mian, in 2010, about 60% of consumers expressed a preference for new construction of apartments in the past GK", - said Vasily Mitko (IIAS).

Experts cited several reasons for the popularity of apartments ready for new homes. Home - fear that the builder unfinished house. "The level of trust in construction companies, are not fully recover its position after the crisis, while low" - explains Artem Rzhavsky ("ABC Housing"). Another reason - the finished housing demonstrates the pros and cons, and the house itself, and placed it flat. In addition, housing can be handed in to buy mortgages. "Banks are delivered to their homes more loyal than to objects at earlier stages of development", - says Sergey Migunov, Head of Marketing and Development Group of Companies "Conti."

According to Artem Rzhavsky ("ABC Housing"), among the potential buyers of new buildings in Moscow, almost one in three wants to take advantage of mortgage programs. However, in fact, banks are still reluctant to provide mortgages for housing under construction. The share of transactions involving leveraged to market of new buildings in Moscow at the present time does not exceed 7%. "For comparison: in the same period in 2009, the rate of mortgage transactions in the capital amounted to no more than 2-3% before the crisis of 2007-2008. - An average of 20-30%, "- said the expert. However, Denis Bobkov, head of the analytical department at Est-a-Tet, cited other figures: "The experience of the company at the moment the volume of transactions on your mortgage is about 30%."

Proposals for all districts

Growth of finished housing market clearly demonstrates the improved financial situation, the developers themselves. According to Olga Markova, a marketer of "Relight-Invest, the spring of 2010, it was noted that the pace of construction increased, and in the capital over the past six months were put into operation 1.547 million square meters. meters of housing, although it is 15% less than in the first half of 2009.

The greatest number of new buildings that are in the implementation, recorded in the Central District - 24,2% of the total in Moscow, because of long term realization of objects of elite housing, and the second position is occupied by JSC - 18,8%. Least of all new buildings are concentrated in the SEAD - 4,7%. "Over the past few months has significantly decreased the proposal for new buildings in areas of the CAO (-35.3%), SEAD (-31.6%) and UAB (29,3%).

Yet the proposal of apartments in houses now have handed over quite extensive. As noted by Artem Rzhavsky ("ABC Housing"), the vast majority of Moscow new buildings (85%) sold by the ABC of Housing, handed over the Civil Code and is under occupation.

As Maria told us Litinetskaya, CEO MIEL Development ", among the projects implemented by a fully completed apartments in several residential complexes. This is a: LCD "Preservation Area" (st. reserved, ow. 16-18), where there are proposals worth 115 thousand rubles. per square. m, LC "Primavera" (Simferopol proezd, 18), which remained flat at 148-160 thousand rubles. per square. m, LC "Grand Park" (street Grizodubova, 2) to 190-205 thousand rubles. per square. m

The company "Relight-Invest" was also named several addresses located in different districts of the capital, where you can buy completed apartments at first hand. In SAD - an LCD "Prague" (St. Kirovohrad, 24), which remained flat at a price of 148.3 and 142.4 thousand rubles. per sq ft and house on the street. Kirovograd, 22B, which shows the one-room apartment costs 125-140 rubles. per sq ft, two - by 120-130 thousand rubles. per sq ft, while prices for three to four-and five-room flats range from 105 to 135 thousand rubles. per sq. m. In CAO the flat is surrendered to the LCD "Imperial" (Halabyan, 13A), where at present the price of 160-190 thousand rubles. per square. m. Additionally, you can buy a parking space in the parking lot for $ 52.8 thousand in the SWAD - in LC "Academy Suite" (Vernadsky Ave., 84), where the price per square meter 131-172,7 thousand rubles. per sq. m.

According to Denis Bobkov (Est-a-Tet), finished apartment in Moscow can be purchased at LC "Spring on the Baltic" (st. hours), the minimum cost per square meter is 181 thousand rubles. And also in the house on the street. Academician Oparin, ow. 4, where the price of 114 thousand rubles. per sq. m.

In the segment of expensive housing in the residential flat is Ostozhenka Park Palace Hotel in Korobeinikov lane. This is a unique project with its own houses adjoining infrastructure, which includes a fitness center and a private spa-center. The house provides three-level underground parking for 600 cars. The cost of apartments - from 57 million rubles to 318 million rubles. depending on the area and the floor.

In addition to proposals from developers, the apartments in the buildings handed over CC on the assignment of contractual rights to sell the individuals who bought them still under construction. Depending on the quality of the project and the number of vacant apartments housing for sale are sometimes cheaper than the builder, and sometimes - more expensive.

According to "Relight-Invest, a proposal for the assignment is in the LCD" Marfino. One-bedroom apartments on display at a price of 132 thousand rubles. per square. m, doubles - 132, 2 thousand rubles. per square. m, and three-room - 121.4 thousand rubles. per square. m. LC Aerobus (Kochnovskij travel, 4) on sale for the assignment of about 80 apartments. Their price of 11.6 million rubles. for one-bedroom apartments with total area of 66-70 square meters. m to 20,7 million rubles. for multi-room apartments from 120 to 161.8 square meters. m

During the crisis in the primary market there were offers apartments with a complete renovation. In the segment of the class "economy" are the apartments in the residential "Marfino. But now, such proposals can be chosen only on the assignment of the claim.

Realistic proposals from developers are in a residential neighborhood Tsaritsyno. Under the project, in about 44 hectares will be built 15 houses monolithic. At present the implementation of the building. Number 8 which offers apartments with a total area of 43-137 square meters. m, finishing in style: classical, Mediterranean and country. The offer price to finish - from 84 thousand rub. per square. m, and if the apartment is sold with no finish, the price falls, and starts from 75 thousand rubles. per sq. m.

Rates bite (+20%), discounts are almost no

Apartments in newly built houses would suit all buyers, if not price. According to Mary Litinetskoy (MIEL Development "), the main criterion - cost apartments, and stage of readiness - the second most important factor. "Apartment in a house that was put CC, more constructed structure with similar characteristics by 15-20% depending on the stage of readiness", - said Vasily Mitko (IIAS). But Sergei Migunov ("Conti") warns that in the future, if demand for the object will rise considerably, the developer could increase the cost by 15%.

But the discounts can not count: as explained Olga Novikova (NDV-estate ") as a rule, finished houses is a limited number of apartments for sale, and a high stage of readiness of the developer is no longer necessary in the fast raising funds, because the house already erected. Therefore, the meaning in a more rapid implementation is lost.

Basil Mitko (IIAS) and solidarity in the fact that due to the gradual restoration of effective demand in the market practice of discounting of new buildings is actually eroding. The unit offers a discount were only for the least liquid objects. However, according to Mary Litinetskoy (MIEL Development "), surrendered to the LCD" Preservation Area "and" Primavera ", even now you can buy ready-made apartments and spetsaktsiyam. "The discount ranges from 3% to 5%," - says she is.

Perspective: Buyers prefer not to overpay

Experts note that still the most attractive options are dealt with under construction. Finished apartment - it's "what's left."

"I think that because of the lack of the most liquid of proposals in the finished homes (1 or 2 bedroom apartments a small area) - the interest will gradually shift to the construction sites - says Basil Mitko (IIAS). - Already in a segment of relatively affordable housing in new capital demand exceeds supply by at least 30-40%. A significant part of the primary market are presented in more expensive apartment with a large area. " That is a low-price segment there is still a certain deficit.

Artem Rzhavsky ("ABC Housing") takes a somewhat different opinion, he believes that in the near future the demand for new buildings are ready not only to maintain but even to prevail. However, in 2-3 years with the increasing pace of construction, strengthen the position of developers, restore confidence to them, investors will return to the market. And they will do: because the cost of apartments in the objects that are at the installation stage of the ground (third stage) at 15-20% below the average, at earlier stages (zero cycle, the organization of construction sites) - in 1,3-1 4 times cheaper.

Summary log Metrinfo.Ru

As you can see, the experts believe that the "habit" to buy apartments under construction still be back soon. As the crisis has passed, byers again penetrate to the construction companies, especially since they have very often have to go to just 214-th law on joint construction. However, in our view, still in the market should have a choice: someone wants to "invest" in building and wait for an apartment to build, but someone on the soul - to buy ready-made shelter, settle and live.
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