The real estate market was not able to overcome depression

14.12.2013 01:00
Articles about real estate | The real estate market was not able to overcome depression In Kiev, the secondary market prices ranged from the 1911 dollar at the beginning of the year up to 1907 dollars per square meter in December, and in the primary market, within the 1716 - 1718 dollars. In Donetsk, the average price was $ 1188 in 1460 in Lviv , Odessa - $ 1517 , Kharkov - 1098 dollars, and in Dnepropetrovsk - 1204 dollars per square meter.

Traditionally, the greatest demand for apartments of economy class - up to $ 50 thousand , two-bedroom apartments costing up to $ 75 thousand , and two-bedroom apartments within 85-90 thousand dollars.

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The pace of housing construction grew, but many people still put off a decision on buying a home . Thus, for 9 months, according to the State Service statistics , the developers commissioned by 6.8 % more apartments than last year. Their total area is 6,538,000 square meters.

At the same time, the total number of transactions in the property market , according to the Ministry of Justice , for the first half decreased by 6% , according to the vice- president of the League of experts Andriy Gusel'nikov . In the second half fared even worse , because September 1 came into force the decision of the National Bank on the limitation of cash payments between individuals up to 150 ths.

Then the experts said that the first half of September, the market was just paralyzed - neither sellers nor buyers or even notaries did not understand how to make deals under the new rules . Another unpleasant surprise for the market became the new rules of real estate valuation , according to which it can evaluate only certified professionals .

Of more than 5 thousand per month license appraisers were able to get only 1.6 thousand Naturally their services rose by almost half. " This leads to the fact that notaries recommend clients in managing contracts of donation , not to lose time searching for scarce become appraisers. Early next year, the number of such contracts will be off-scale " - said the expert .

The next year, do not expect recovery in the market - neither quantitative nor price , experts say. " We predicted that the 2014 market recovery . Said that the market will start to come out of the depressive stage of stabilization. But macroeconomic indicators , as well as the political situation suggests the opposite . Country again goes into next year without a budget , and the purchasing power of the population still growing, " - says Gusel'nikov .
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