The real estate market Kherson observed recovery

29.03.2011 14:06
Articles about real estate | The real estate market Kherson observed recovery By the end of 2011 real estate in Kherson filled up just 4 residential condominium, a total of 366 apartments and an area of ??18.147 thousand square meters. meters.

For the completion of houses is planned to attract private investors.

This was reported in the management of capital construction of the City Council of Kherson. Thus, according to the report, LLC Budmekhanizatsiya plans to finish the multisection a house on the street Kulik and commissioning of 50 apartments with total area of ??3.83 thousand square kilometers. meters. The same company plans to complete construction of the 40-apartment block in the 4 th district Tauride and commissioning of 2.817 thousand square meters. meters of housing.

2 more at home in 2011, plans to finish the LLC Pivdenenergo. One of them is on the avenue Senyavina, 84 (153 apartments of 7,6 thousand square meters. Meters), the second - on the street Paton, 25 (123 apartments of 3,9 thousand square meters. M).

The fact that the sale of apartments in Kherson revived, in comparison with 2009-2010. also shows a slight increase in prices. According to "Kherson Center for Real Estate" (Kherson), the city average prices increased by 17,8% (from $ 1150 to $ 1315). In the central regions of the cost of one-, two-, three-bedroom apartments increased by 6,6% ( from $ 1500 to $ 1600) and in the KBC-29% (from $ 800 to $ 1030 per sq. m.).
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