The principle of valuation of real estate is still unknown

19.05.2013 01:00
Articles about real estate | The principle of valuation of real estate is still unknown Despite the fact that in a number of draft laws and regulations that relate to the valuation market, specified the term «estimated value», the algorithm of calculation of such cost is not yet known. This was announced by representative of the Open club of independent appraisers Andrey Filin during the press conference, the correspondent of Golosua.

Earlier, there appeared information about the draft law, which, if adopted Ukrainians will have to annually assess its property and, in certain cases, pay the tax . Provides that he will be charged with apartments costing more than 1000 minimal salaries (about 150 thousand dollars. - ed.) and the area of over 200 square meters, houses worth 2500 minimum wages (about 380 thousand dollars.) and with an area of over 500 square meters. The tax rate for real estate - 0.5% of the value.

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The stumbling-block of evaluators consider the concept of the appraised value, as hitherto unknown what it is. Although, it is quite likely that based on the appraised value will be determined by the amount of tax.

«The bill is not specified, what price. If this will be the market value, then it simplifies matters. But if, for example, is the estimated amount that can simply be set, for example, local authority or the Cabinet will be able to install it for apartments of a certain type. Suppose decide that a square meter in a flat in the city center will cost a huge amount. Thus, they can easily be settled», - said the expert.

It is worth noting that now estimated value has no relation to the market price. It is noted that when determining the market value of the evaluators focus on the selling price of similar real estate in the area, which is the object of assessment. With regard to estimated prices, the market factors not taken into account, and the evaluation is based on the odds, and the costs approved by the relevant authority.

«Until a certain time acted resolution # 1103, in which the assessed value for tax purposes in the sale temporarily equal to the market. But as of today this decision revoked, thus, the estimated value is not equal to the market, it can any digit, - noted A. Owl.
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