The Government has approved a temporary order of assignment of cadastral numbers parcel of land

07.09.2010 10:50
The Cabinet of Ministers Decree № 749 of 18 August 2010 approved a temporary order of assignment of cadastral numbers parcel of land.

This document comes into force, together with the Government Decree № 1021 of September 9, 2009 "On approval of the orders of the Land Book and the Book of records for the state registration of state acts on the ownership of the land and the right of permanent use of land, lease of land - from January 1, 2011

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According to the interim order, in Ukraine created a unified system of assigning inventory numbers parcel of land.

In order to indicate that the cadastral number of the land - is an individual digital code (number) of land, which is repeated throughout the territory of Ukraine, given parcel of land at the time of its registration and saved him over the lifetime of the site.

Cadastral number assigned to the site regardless of ownership. In the case of dividing the land or the union site is assigned a new number, whereas the old inventory number gets the status of archival and will not use.

Identification and assignment of cadastral parcel numbers hold territorial bodies of the State Committee.

Fee for assignment of cadastral numbers parcel of land is not charged.

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