The five major mistakes of landlords to housing

25.04.2016 01:00
Articles about real estate | The five major mistakes of landlords to housing Profitable to rent housing to rent without unfortunate consequences - spoiled furniture and quarrels with employers - an art. Many inexperienced renter make mistakes that turn a potentially profitable activity into a source of problems. Renter errors can lead to loss of nerves, time and money.

Mistake number 1: at your own risk

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When on their own, without the help of a real estate agency, the employer is looking for an apartment, it can still be explained by the desire to save on agency commission. But why amateur turn-occupied property, the experts do not understand.

Many of the landlord does not apply to the agency because of the unwillingness to overpay realtor. "But the landlord does not pay the agency for services. Pays tenant. So just be foolish not to take the opportunity to shift the problem to the professionals of the market "- said the expert.

However, today, when the supply of donated property to rent in half, and according to some analysts and twice the demand, the most advanced owners prefer to disrupt the order of payment agency services.

Mistake number 2: too greedy!

The second most common mistake of the market experts believe reassess its object.

"To rent an apartment is not only profitable, but also quickly - this dream of any owner of real estate, earning in rentals. However, many people forget that one of the main keys to success and a large number of potential guests - this is an adequate rents. And if you do not want your property idle without employers - do not be greedy "- advises Elena Krumgolts.

With this agreement, and Nikolai Lavrov. According to him, many of the renter in pricing matters show stubbornness to its detriment, not realizing that it is much more profitable to give a 10 percent discount, but start receiving rent now than to find an employer extra two months.

Mistake number 3: without a contract and deposit

A major mistake many renters, according to experts, is the neglect of formal rules and "bits of paper". "If it is not a contract of employment, then the landlord has no protection against unlawful acts of the employer", - said the director of "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko.

Very often, the owners of the first available download of the contract template from the Internet, without really reading what and how normalizes this document. "These samples often have a lot of shortcomings, and little help to landlord," - says Victor Kovalenko.

Another important point - the receipt of payment of the deposit / collateral, which the owner is often neglected, not wanting to upset potential tenants seeking to rent an apartment, and quickly. "In this case, the landlord is not immune to unexpected tenant of the Congress, on the application of damage to property, etc. The deposit is returnable value and forces the tenant to reflect on their behavior in the apartment, the consequences of breach of contract, and take care of the property..", - Said Victor Kovalenko.

Important documents also includes the transfer act, which people who give shelter on their own, often do not know anything. "Here, in particular, should be described in detail the state of the object, an inventory of the property, specified counters and meters. This is necessary to avoid future disputes about who is, for example, torn linoleum in the kitchen ", - said Victor Kovalenko explains.

Error number 4: not the situation

Wanting to save money, some of the landlord furnish, or rather litter apartment "grandmother" furniture. This is another common mistake representative of the St. Petersburg Chamber Natalia Mager property. According to her, often such a situation may be encountered in new buildings economy class apartments that were purchased specifically for lease. "However, renting a flat in a new building, the employer is looking for comfort, including the situation. Therefore, the old furniture only deters employers and reduce the rental rate of such housing ", - the expert believes.

In general, according to experts, it is better to leave a half-empty apartment, having acquired some of the most essential pieces of furniture than "create comfort", furnished her closets and pressed through lounging sofas.

Often, according to the observations of Realtors, the landlord is very carelessly refer to the state of plumbing, gas, water, electricity. "Many people believe that after the conclusion of the agreement and the settlement of the employer he should monitor the condition of the risers, mixers, and so on. N. In fact, over the Gulf neighbors and other" misunderstandings "caused by improper operation of the supply of devices, responsible is the object owner ", - said Victor Kovalenko.

Experts warn that theoretically employers responsible for such incidents can be prescribed in the contract, but in practice to prove their guilt would be very difficult.

Error number 5: sverhtrebovatelnost and carelessness

According to experts, often profitable delivery of apartments is clearly prevent excessive demands on employers. Many owners of the ideal future tenants seems a couple of indigenous people of Kiev, officially married, without children, animals, and bad habits. It is desirable that both husband and wife also had a formal and well-paid job.

Obviously, the ideal look can be infinite. In addition, this approach is generally not very rational. Official marriage or residence in Kiev do not guarantee that the apartment will be kept clean, and payments - be made stable. Often it nonresident family with children or pets refers to a rented apartment more responsible, because they understand that to find another place to live rent it will be more difficult.

Realtors describe cases where the landlord is very demanding, and not finding your ideal tenant, decided to settle in the apartment of friends or relatives. Of course - for less money. This often brings far more problems than even negligent on the part of employers. This category of tenants is usually believed that the landlord must give consideration to all of life's troubles, in fact - contribute to the resolution of the latter. Therefore, realtors note delay payments due to all sorts of circumstances occurring in the majority of cases.

Opposite example is the excessive demands renters carefree attitude to the process of hiring. Find your tenants, owners can get money to the bank card and for years did not appear in the apartment. Not surprisingly, many of them then genuinely upset that, in a deplorable state of the object is given.

And finally: pay taxes

Another important point that we should not forget the real and potential renter, is that getting a fee for delivery of housing for rent is subject to income tax at 15%.

"Failure to pay taxes can not only be cause for supervisory authorities claim, but subject to blackmail from any interested persons to employers neighbors," - reminiscent of Victor Kovalenko.

So pay taxes - and quietly hand over!
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