The demolition of greenery

15.02.2010 11:02
<div style="text-align: justify;">This reporters yesterday said the head of the Kyiv City Council standing committee on environmental policy Anatoly Kovalenko. According to him, in such a way to strengthen the slope of the Park road at the site of the Park Bridge to the musical stage is "environmentally aggressive", because it requires the demolition of 567 trees. He suggested that if the JSC "Super" is not relevant professionals who could offer another method of strengthening the slope, not at the expense of the demolition of greenery, the Kyiv authorities ask for help, such as Donetsk, which involved the strengthening of land near the mines. Instead, the chairman of the Board of "Super" Oleg Rublev believes that to strengthen the slope of Park road can only be due to the demolition of greenery, which today can not withstand the load, and it is in this context, the slope is unstable. "Super" proposes to strengthen the slope of the wall 398 meters long "crack on top of Park road again revived, because the slope at any point may fall", - emphasized A. Rublev. The need to work to strengthen the slope to 24.6 million UAH.</div>
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