The crisis has created a new format of residential complexes

17.01.2016 01:00
Articles about real estate | The crisis has created a new format of residential complexes Multi-format residential complexes are popular with customers, and developers. The feature of such systems is that they coexist with cottages townhouses and condominium. It broadens the choice for the customer, and allows the developer to quickly sell square meters. The first set, combining just three format of housing in the Ukrainian market appeared in the 2008 crisis. Developers, faced with falling demand for expensive houses, began to build on existing areas of cheaper housing - townhouses and apartment buildings that were sold rather quickly. Buyers evaluated and developed infrastructure, and proximity to Kiev (such complexes built within 20 km from the line of Kiev), and, of course, available in comparison with metropolitan price.

According to Victor Kovalenko, director of consulting company "RealEkspo", buyers appreciate in such settlements overall concept and standard of living. "This type of property is focused on several categories of customers, - he said. - Furthermore, the buyer in this case may be within the same project, even though his single class, select the option for your budget: for example, a house, a townhouse, which in through a smaller area will cost less. As a rule, multi-format complexes larger number of households, and therefore developers are creating more developed social, consumer and recreational infrastructure, making such projects more attractive to buyers. "

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In general, according to Victor Kovalenko, the property prices in multiformat settlements differ slightly from similar projects in monoformatnyh complexes.
The difference in price and the apartments, usually not more than 20-25 percent

This format is interesting for housing developers and buyers. The attraction of the IFC for the developer is the synergy of the various functions which, when properly configured, leading to accelerate the implementation of the project as a whole. This can apply to both commercial complex, such as offices and hotels, and suburban cottage village with different types of offers - plots without a contract on the apartment.

Victor Kovalenko sees two key advantages of such systems: "First, the smaller the loss of space as inappropriate area for one function may well be suitable for another. For example, the first floor can be given away for shops, restaurants, beauty salons, day care centers, car washes and so on., basements allow to place sports infrastructure and storage infrastructure. The second important advantage - it is payback time. For example, the housing allows for rapid return on investment, and commercial functions provide long cash flow and the ability to capitalization of real estate. "

Multi-format complexes tend to be more ambitious in the number of households. And so the developers are creating more developed social, consumer and recreational infrastructure.

However, the benefits of multi-functionality could result in problems if a set of functions to overdo it.

The more functions, the less the privacy, so premium projects rarely more than one or two additional functions. After suffering privacy security project. And often followed by additional functions that increase the cost of residents in the operation of public spaces, especially if additional physical properties remain on the balance of the management company.

What should be a multi-center, so that the developer did not miss its benefits, and residents feel comfortable? "Complexes should be low-rise, with a larger area of ​​apartments and a large number of rooms compared to urban counterparts, especially on a limited budget - says Victor Kovalenko. - It is necessary to increase the proportion of area under the trees, to be able to create a high-quality recreational component within the housing complex ".

The developer must carefully work with the marketing concept of the project and to understand in advance which set of additional features will create an attractive project which need a school, and where - a sports club. "In large complexes economy class do not need any dry cleaners or washing, as practice shows. But require preschools, and often the school (if the complex is really big). In the houses of business-relevant fitness, restaurant, need beauty salons, washing, cleaning and so on. - he says - welcomes the existence of educational infrastructure. A huge plus is the presence of walking refined green area. Luxury homes usually cost less additional services (they are not profitable for the operators of these services due to the small number of users) but the presence of a private sports club, swimming pool and social area, which can be used for the needs of tenants, welcome. "

Now we see that the multiformat cottage settlements significantly reduced their presence near Kiev. Today, the share of multi-country centers in the Kiev area is about 5 percent of the total number of projects. Properties of this format began to appear en masse on the capital market during the crisis. Developers have tried to make the most of their land assets, expanding the possibilities of buying and audience of the project. Today, however, such facilities do not enjoy strong demand from buyers. The number of multi-complexes decreased significantly in recent years mainly due to the fact that the area within 30 km from Kiev, where such objects are exhibited, to date, mainly develops at the expense of urban multifamily projects, the most popular among them are considered low-rise complexes. Typically, urban development is a driver for infrastructure development and transport of the Kiev region.
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