The best country to live young

02.11.2015 00:15
Articles about real estate | The best country to live young Specialists of the analytical center Youthonomics (France) conducted a study on the living conditions of young people in different countries around the world. The objects of the study were 64 states. The experts carried out a thorough work, during which considered different criteria, such as teaching, health care, employment opportunities, financial well-being, participation in the political life of the country and others (a total of 59 criteria were considered).

It should be noted that for each criterion were identified individual leaders. For example, the best conditions for training set up in Finland, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland. In the latter two countries, young people have more opportunities for employment. Apart from these, this indicator is also encouraging Norway and Germany. But on the importance of youth in the political life of the country leading positions occupied Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Mali and Ghana.

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However, a set of criteria showed the following results. The first position of the ranking is Norway. "Silver" has got to Switzerland. The third position was placed Denmark. Fourth place was given to Sweden, the fifth - the Netherlands. Closes the top ten best countries to live young Canada. It is noteworthy that not included in the top ten advanced countries such as the UK, USA, France, Italy, Japan. Russia in this list has got 57 position, Ukraine occupies 46th place, Kazakhstan - 28.

A similar study conducted last year by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (Washington, USA) showed that the most favorable conditions for the life of young people set up in Australia. However, as the objects of study, the organization then selected only 30 countries.
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