Symbols of good luck in the bedroom

05.10.2010 07:26
Articles about real estate | Symbols of good luck in the bedroom The energy of good luck can be awakened by placing under a bed symbolic objects that bring good luck. The nature of these items good luck depends, oddly enough, on the kind of success to which you aspire.

Leach - a symbol of good luck in the bedroom. To enjoy extra protection or to attract opportunities, put under the mattress in the place where lies your head, a symbol in the form of two fish (preferably gold) - painted or small toy.

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If you want to travel to you accompanied a great fortune, put under the mattress shell. This is also the perfect solution for those who are engaged in business in the media. In essence, the suit decorative shell of any shape, but the shell of such a form as brine, is considered particularly auspicious.
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