Suburban housing: demand ensured prices

17.09.2010 21:16
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To date, a country house for potential buyers is associated with something expensive and unaffordable for most. However, according to realtors suburban market, the prices of houses and townhouses are now comparable to apartments within the city, and not the most expensive. Moreover, rural property may be a good investment option for the buyer.

Summer and early fall have shown activation of sales in the suburban real estate market. According to those interviewed VIEW Realtors capital "zamkadya, they have the number of transactions rose by 11,7% compared to last summer, and on 3,8% - from spring 2010.

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The general opinion of market professionals, the greatest demand is for houses of economy-class area of up to 200 "squares" in the price range of 150-200 thousand dollars to land 8.6 hectare. And at this price you can find a home in the town-furnished cottage, with the social infrastructure and convenient transport interchange. In this price segment of the main demand is for homes up to $ 150 thousand, an area of 120-180 meters from the site of 12 hectare. For this amount potential buyers ready to purchase a home without finishing, but with painted communications. Less likely to look for houses worth 300 thousand dollars, an area of 250 meters, with a plot of 10 hectare. The most popular among such buyers today following directions: Kiev Svyatoshinsky, Obukhov, Vyshgorodskiy, Boryspil.

It should be noted that in the business segment, demand dropped significantly. Transaction, if they exist, then only the price range of 350-500 thousand dollars, whereas before, the main demand came from the house at a price of 500-600 thousand dollars. However, the requirements for footage of homes has not changed - the home area of 250-350 meters, with garden plots in the 10-20 hectare, high quality exterior finish, a modern layout, terrace, swimming pool and / or sauna. Most popular Borispol Irpen, Bucha, Vorzel, Gostomel, Belogorodka, Brovary etc.

Rambling building, as they say in "Residential Real Estate, also remains valid, since it allows to choose the location of buildings, planning, architectural afford exclusivity, which deprived cottage villages. "Plus in such a purchase too many, such homes often are sold with a repair and even very nice furniture, which" is assigned "for half the price even if it is almost new or just new, - says CEO LOOK agency Horizon HH1 Elena Vorobiev. - When compared with the cottage towns, then they, on the contrary, it is difficult to find not just a home for repairs, and has just completely constructed. As a rule, it is proposed "for fit", which means a full-scale renovation, which will take 3 months to one year depending on the complexity and imagination. "

"Fine finish" the home area of 250 "squares" can cost from $ 300 per square meter and up to infinity - the director of real estate companies "Forest Village" Andrew Kolokoltsev. - Actually, we are talking about that would bring housing opportunities to stay in it will take another pay about one third of its value. "

Some of the realtors surveyed believe that the best option in terms of availability of suburban real estate today should be regarded as townhouses. For example, in the village of Bristol, 7 km from Moscow to Kiev highway, offers apartments in townhouses area of 86 meters at a price of 4.6 million rubles. According to the head of the analytical center GdeEtotDom.RU Alexander Pypin acceptable to buyers and sellers in the market price of townhouses near Moscow in the range of 50-70 thousand rubles for a "square". The average square foot townhouse a quarter cheaper than a square meter of similarly situated buildings.

"For the same 5 million rubles in Moscow, you can buy a one-room apartment on Orekhovy Boulevard (metro Krasnogvardeyskaya) in the 18-storey pre-fabricated house, - says head of the analytical center of the corporation" Incom "Dmitry Taganov. - Total area of apartment is 40 square meters. If we talk about the suburbs, then to 5 million rubles can buy for 2-bedroom flat, for example, in the city of Khimki. The area of the proposal, which is located in the 17-storey pre-fabricated house is 62 square meters.

In this case, though one should proceed from the fact that the "full" country real estate can be considered a dwelling that stands between 6 million rubles. For about that kind of money selling homes today the area up to 200 "squares" along Minsk, Dmitrovsky or Yaroslavsky highway distance of 15-20 km from Moscow. Such as the money is in Moscow, 3-bedroom apartment in the panel house of economy-class mid-70's built, and not in a prestigious area, and on the outskirts of the CAO or the North-Eastern District of Moscow.

Opt for an apartment in Moscow or country house depends exclusively on the needs of the buyer. Someone does not want to ride every day in traffic jams in the capital, while others opt for environmentally friendly and relatively isolated from its neighbors. "It is therefore reasonable to assume that in the short term the most popular will be used at home in the townships that combine the maximum amount of benefits the urban and suburban housing, for example, a good environment and urban infrastructure, - said the head of the capital VIEW real estate office Artemije Corners. - The main problem for all areas outside of Moscow - a tube that take the lion's share of time, especially on the east and south-east directions.

If we proceed from these criteria, to this format to date, the closest town houses - they combine the advantages of urban and suburban housing: it turns out that you live in a country house with its own land, but using all the benefits of the apartment. In addition, the format of real estate is the most interesting in terms of investment - prices for the format of real estate are rising faster than apartments and cottage settlements. According to some estimates of Realtors, over the past 3-4 months prices for city apartments in Moscow increased by 3,5-4%, and townhouses - on 5,2-5,6%.
Maxim Denisov
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