Should I get registered in the country? expert Opinion

31.07.2011 00:15
Articles about real estate | Should I get registered in the country? expert Opinion Despite the fact that residence in suburban houses officially permitted, it has several drawbacks. About unforeseen obstacles, which significantly complicate the registration in the country, says Oleg Sukhov, a leading lawyer of the "First Capital Law Center."

Registration is available only by court order

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Check-in lodges is available only by court order. If you apply for a residence permit directly to the department of the FMS (passport office) at the location of the suburban real estate, then, of course, get a waiver. In the presence of the refusal you may file a lawsuit with the requirements for recognition of the negative response of the FMS service illegal and require you to register at FMS cottages.

Prove that the house fit for habitation

The court granted the petition for registration in the country you need to prove that the house is suitable for permanent residence. Such evidence may serve as the conclusion of judicial construction and technical expertise, conduct which is from 1 to 4 months, and the cost ranges from 30 thousand to 80 thousand rubles. That is, to the court ruled obliging the passport to register you in your suburban house, will require significant expenditure on legal costs and considerable time - at least six months.

The resulting recording has significant limitations

Received by the court register has significant limitations, namely, information about such a registration can only be contained by the local municipal authorities. Accordingly, when checking the documents are not law enforcement agencies in the community, but, for example, at the time of travel or vacation in another city or region, information on registration is not confirmed, that becomes the basis for provisional arrest with a view to verifying the identity of the registered person. In addition, data of registration in country houses, by virtue of the imperfections of the system of registration of our country can not be made to immigration services in the overall framework of registration, which makes it impossible for a person prescribed for various municipal services.

Opinion lawyer Oleg Sukhov

Given the number of summer cottages owned by the citizens, improvement of the institute in the country residence is urgent. Why in the apartment area of ​​30 square meters. meter can register, but in a spacious suburban home can not? Here, a clear gap in the legislation.

There are three positive aspects that manifest themselves in case of improvement of the mechanism residence in suburban houses. First of all, it is reducing the number of corrupt officials and bureaucrats on the migration and law enforcement agencies. Second, check in suburban homes will significantly increase the cost of the suburban real estate. And third, the possibility of registration in the country will lead to a natural migration of the urban population for permanent or stay outside the cities.


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