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31.01.2011 00:02
Scams in the property market remains very much. Criminal acts with the use of loopholes in the legislation now significantly reduced due to elimination of most legal flaws, but the "heavy artillery" in the form of transactions with false documents or simply a professionally organized action by weaning apartments and money from the population continues to occur.

If you rent an apartment to someone else

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Popular type of fraud is to conduct transactions - both rental and sales - with someone else's property. Periodically, we see in the press reports that the detained offender repeatedly rented the same living space to multiple parties. How is this possible? Scheme of action here is pretty simple. Rascal takes off living space directly from the owner, and then gives the announcement of renting the apartments. When there are customers, they are invited to apartment on very favorable terms, as a rule - "urgently". The fraudster can show clients - to be sure - a passport and evidence of ownership of the object, they, in turn, due to the urgency of the deal were not paying due attention to due diligence the owner. As a result, the next day in the apartment trying to settle a few newly tenants who "shall decide" between themselves available to them in ways - and then emerged with a landlord who has no idea what's going on with his living area. At this time the scammer disappears with the money. Meanwhile, if clients have taken the slightest steps to verify the documents provided to them, they would immediately understand that they are dealing with crooks, because in this case, such a scheme is made possible by the fact that the fraudster to present a false passport and documents at the apartment. If you can not spend at least a minimal verification of documents, you can ask for information about the owner of the apartment and the neighbors. At the same time, it should be noted that sometimes the crooks are in cahoots with the owner, who has his "share" of fiddling with its estate, but to prove this relationship is very difficult.

To sell an apartment, you must first buy it

apartment klyuchikBolee gravely scam, since the amount involved here is an order of an option when someone else's apartment is not rent and sell. Scheme of action is somewhat similar to the lease, but to organize it for fraud is much harder, so often such cases are engaged in organized criminal groups. In this case, the apartment is rented from the owner, fraudsters fake documents for living space and expose it for sale. Sometimes the scams can take possession of the passport owner of an apartment or get a new one to replace lost. Further, the same scheme of action remains the standard: the apartment is sold to one or more clients, there is a false registration of the transaction or the receipt of an advance, and the scammers disappear.

Other people's documents

In some cases, the scammers call themselves representatives of the real estate company and convince the owner to give them the original documents of title to the apartment. Sometimes they manage to obtain duplicates of such documents by using the passport owner. After this, the fraudsters are looking for buyers of the apartment is already bypassing the host and a fake power of attorney to transact.

A master of something alive!

Greed makes the quirky mind of fraudsters to invent new and increasingly sophisticated fraud schemes fair settlement. One of these schemes is to sell someone else's apartment after receiving a false death certificate of the owner. In this case, the crooks enter into a lease housing to a man leaving for a long time. After that they can make on a fake letterhead of the death certificate of the owner, a fake will, and on the "lawful" order to reclaim their rights to inheritance. After taking possession of the property, the apartment is offered for sale and quickly implemented. As a result, scammers are hiding, but returned to the owner learns about the bitterness of his own death, and in particular that his apartment is already owned by other people.

When the apartment in the Pledge

There are also cases where crooks trying to sell an apartment, situated in the mortgage from the bank. Thus, the crook of one provincial town to get a mortgage on the apartment and immediately handed it hired a new owner. After some time, he offered to buy his apartment at a low enough price, if that will bring money immediately. The woman quickly handed over the sum demanded, and two days later the crook has admitted that the apartment is in the pledge. The woman demanded a refund, but the scammer said that this is impossible because the money already spent. After that he offered him another pay some money which will go to repay the loan, and he - re-conclude the documents to her. The woman agreed, the swindler at it put money into a bank account, but after a while it became clear that the money from the account of a swindler removed and the loan is not repaid. Only then deceived the woman turned to the police. These stories are many, and each of them appears, such a condition as the extreme difficulty of obtaining money fraud, under-price apartments, lack of legal support and the written form of obligations, as well as due diligence and legal owner of the purity of the object.

Independent verification

checking dokumentovSovershenie real estate transactions is a very serious matter, where the risks are great enough best in this case, to protect themselves and contact the real estate agency - securing the necessary recommendations about it. But if this is not possible, it is necessary, as it did not hurry your partner in the transaction, carefully double-check with the authorities all the documents and the writing process all the obligations and best of all - to enlist the support of competent lawyers.

If you do decide to act independently to verify it is necessary in the following areas.

First, the landlord must provide you a Russian passport (the officer - an identity card with a certificate of registration on the territory of military units). If you are offered to examine any document that is suspicious. It is worth bearing in mind that scammers often pick up people to commit fraud, similar to those indicated in the documents - that is, twins. Or a "twin" can come to the passport desk, saying the loss of documents, and get new ones. Sometimes the scam artists are at the same collusion with employees of the passport services. Particular attention should be paid in the event that the owner of the object obtained a passport in another city, then acquired an object that you are now offered for sale.

Second, professionals should check their partner in the transaction through the databases. These databases include a central information bureau police, Zonal Information Center, the Uniform State Register of Rights, Database City Telephone Network, Database chief the psychiatrist.

Thirdly, it is necessary to verify the documents of title to the apartment. Before making a final decision and the emergence of monetary relations, for example, receive an advance, you should be sure to see the originals of these documents.

Fourth, it should check the history of the apartment. If the apartment is sold before that more than 10 times, it is expedient to abandon the deal, because if at some stage have been violated someone's rights - all of the former owners may apply to court for recognition of the transaction null and void - within the statute of limitations.

Fifthly, should talk with their neighbors. For this purpose, suitable and grandmothers, traditionally sit on a bench near the entrance. From them you can get a lot of interesting information that will warn you from engaging in dangerous trades.

There are also things that can intelligently find only a professional - such as legal prohibitions on the flat. But if you do the test at least the first five points, from most of the unpleasant surprises can be insured.
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