Reverse transfer of land - a new trend in the Leningrad region

04.10.2010 15:17
Articles about real estate | Reverse transfer of land - a new trend in the Leningrad region Since the beginning of the year 1993 in the Leningrad area were transferred from one category to another. This was told at an international summit, "Low-rise building construction," the vice-governor of Leningrad region, Chairman of the Committee for State Property Management Alexander Drozdenko.

According to him, the most actively involved in the transfer of land reserve (38 plots totaling 65 hectares) and agricultural (54 plots totaling 574 acres). Most often, these sections are translated into land settlements and industry.

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Vice-governor said the new trend of translations - in the agricultural land reserve. This year, the sites were 9 total area of 44 hectares. And Alexander Drozdenko stressed that the mass transfer of agricultural land in the category, possible to build houses or other objects that do not. Moreover, each application will be considered strictly on an individual basis and cases of failure are many. Last year, for example, a positive decision was made only in half of cases.

Most often the reason for failure is the discrepancy sets of documents to the current legislation. Also, the reason for refusal may serve as comments relevant committees. For example, may be denied transfer to industrial land, unless the applicant has failed to substantiate transportation logistics around the site, added the vice-governor.

Moreover, according to the vice-governor, recently in the region, there has been another trend - the reverse transfer of lands. "We have a committee has already received several applications to return the original parts of the category of agricultural use, - said Alexander Drozdenko. - This is largely due to the fact that after changing the category grows significantly the amount of tax which is the owner can not afford. Another reason can be called a decline in demand for buying houses. "

Vice-Governor also spoke about the positive experience of the region on the division of property rights on agricultural land and property rights registration of the Leningrad Region on unused arable land. Recall that the region became the first subject of the Russian Federation, who through the court registered its ownership of unclaimed land shares, or shares.

Now the court is located six such lawsuits and five more are preparing to serve. Sixteen enterprises sections are formed. The total area of land intended for the formation of the expense of unclaimed land shares in these households, more than 14,000 hectares.

Asked about the fate of these lands, Alexander Drozdenko said that they would be leased to agricultural enterprises, which are successful and need to expand their premises. However, a small part of them, mostly that which is in close proximity to St. Petersburg, will be offered for investment projects, according to information policy department of the Government of Leningrad region.
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