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03.09.2010 04:41
Articles about real estate | Residential Real Estate: Expensive proposition. Leningrad Region Buyers of expensive suburban housing, as the current season, are increasingly interested in the problem. Sellers, in contrast, are positioning their houses as shelter for permanent residence.

The main part of the proposal have on the Vsevolozhsk district (34%), the proportion of peri-urban areas of St. Petersburg at the maintenance level (28%). With a large backlog is the Vyborg district of the region (15%), the proportion Priozersky 11%, Gatchina - about 9%. Kirov and the Lomonosov take over at 1-2% proposal. The most expensive items (worth about 100 million rubles.) Offered in the Spa area, Repin and Zelenogorsk. The proposal of expensive land in the lead suburbs of St. Petersburg - they account for more than 70% of the proposals in second place - Vsevolozhsk district (19%). During July, the proposal in Vsevolozhsk area declined - especially noticeable decrease in the number of proposals in the price range of 8 to 10 million rubles.

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Proposal houses worth more than 8 million rubles. - Most of it at home quite a large area (average area for sale cottages 300-400 sq. M). Almost all suburban elite proposals located at a distance of no more than 50 km from the ring road and is most often positioned by their owners as a home for permanent residence, but not for seasonal cottage holiday.

But with demand situation is rather the reverse - up to 50% of our customers today, pick up a house for a seasonal residence. Active population of the northern capital is not ready to move en masse into the country, "expensive" customers do not yet consider suburban housing as a complete replacement of the apartment. Otherwise, experts say, a portrait of a buyer this season is not much different from previous years: it is active in people 35-55 years, business managers or owners. As a rule, they have small families - two or three people, many without children. And the choice of housing the most important factors for them - access to transportation and the environment, and landscape environment. Availability of infrastructure facilities has faded into the background, interest in them has declined. This is particularly evident in the resort area where you have business and leisure services, and Vsevolozhsk district that is located close to St. Petersburg shopping centers and other social amenities.

Most buyers prefer the home area of about 250 square meters. m, moreover, increased the proportion of buyers who are willing to buy luxury segment of the home area of 200 square meters. M. popular sites ranging from 15 to 25 hectare. However, in the sector of expensive objects has its own specifics regarding the areas near ponds and parks. For example, at the Vyborg direction or in resort areas customers are willing to buy a smaller area, only to have access to water (or at least overlooking the water) than the same cost, but at greater distances from the water. On the "forest" areas, such as Priozersk, another "trick" - buyers looking for a villa and tend to be low houses in areas covered by forest, creating the illusion of life in the forest. "

Dynamics of sales in the secondary market since the spring of cottages is more or less comforting: customers are becoming somewhat more free in spending, interest in homes of 6-7 million rubles. present. True, the deal with expensive houses 10 million still constitute no more than 5-7%.

Behavior of buyers in the primary market cottage development in general also increased. Elite segment is about 13% of proposals cottage settlements. The most popular suburban towns in the final stages of construction, which are on sale ready to homeownership. True, the price increase speech does not go. The cost of the business class cottages after falling more than 40% by the end of summer 2009 and low spring adjusting prices far below the "peak" performance of summer-2008 to 20-30%.

The cost of houses in the villages of the business class was 7-18 million rubles., An elite class - 22-32 mln., Premium - 48-50 mln. There are cottages, declared to be elite, and 15-20 million, but usually - in the villages, offering a wider range of objects, from zoning to "klassnosti. Leading position on the number of settlements occupy Vsevolozhsk (24%), Vyborg (18%) and Priozersky (18%) areas. The share of the Lomonosov district is 8%, Gatchina - 6%.

There is the primary market and offer engineering prepared plots in attractive locations, the water at the resort areas. True, the ground is difficult to pre-assigned to the elite class. We can only hope that by acquiring the site for 7-10 million, the buyer is unlikely to build on it a frame house. Projects in which developers are offering plots without a contract, a few. The cost of land is on average about 400 thousand rubles. for a hundred. In Priozersk and Petrodvorets district money - about 200 thousand rubles. for a hundred, in the resort - reaches 600-700 thousand rubles. for a hundred. Vsevolozhsk area offer the most extensive, the price a "corridor" - 300-400 thousand rubles. for a hundred.


Andrej Umansky,
Director of the Department of suburban real estate, Academy of Sciences "Bekar":
- Objects business class (up to 10 million rubles.) Today represent 10% of demand, luxury property (from 10 million rubles.) Occupy approximately 5%. Now we can say that market conditions dictated by the buyer. For example, if a house is not completed, the buyer considers how much more money he will have to invest. Of course, then he starts to bargain. Due to the premium seller dropped the price of expensive objects. If previously it could take up to 50% of project cost (extra charge twice), now not uncommon for sales facilities at cost.

Alla Zaitseva,
Deputy General Director of the Company's land "Progal:
- The share of transactions with cottages worth more than 7.5 million rubles. this season is small - about 2%.
Sentence structure in July, has changed slightly. Vsevolozhsk district regained the leadership position, a few lost during the spring season, when activated inexpensive villas for sale - they offer is always increasing in the market at the expense of other areas.

Now Vsevolozhskiy again possesses nearly one-third of all sold on the secondary suburban markets objects. In this case, a significant portion of them are expensive items: for example, almost 40% of land is more expensive 2.5 million rubles. concentrated in Vsevolozhsky district, only 16% are located in Vyborg, and another 10% - in the Lomonosov. Even in the suburbs of St. Petersburg has just over 20% of the supply of expensive sites, and a leader among them, of course, the resort district, which owns 8% of the proposals.

The proposal houses expensive range, worth more than 7.5 million rubles., 43% also belong to the Vsevolozhsk District, with 10% - to Vyborg and Gatchina, in other areas the proportion is less than 7%.
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