Real Estate Market Ivano-Frankivsk region

09.10.2009 16:03
Picture: Real Estate Market Ivano-Frankivsk region
In 2008, in Ivano-Frankivsk, were commissioned 1878 flats with total area 143.0 sq. m (94.1%).
Compared with 2007 the volume of housing imposed by the city council declined to 12.7%, including on the regional center - to 11.7% in rural areas - at 25.3%. These data are the main statistics department of Ivano-Frankivsk region.
The main part built housing (82.3%) - tenement houses. Housing is mainly built of brick. Mostly new housing and one-and two-storey building.

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Among the constructed flats dominate a two-and three (73.2% of total). The average apartment size is 79 April. meters in rural areas - 188 sq. m. and 110 sq.m. and 146 sq.m.

In 2009 the estate filed a preliminary signs of life after kilkamisyachnoho stagnation that began in autumn 2008 housing sales in the primary market Ivano-Frankivsk in March 2009 began to gain momentum. The chairman of the Association of construction industry workers, Ivano-Frankivsk Jaroslav Bartko. He made this conclusion after a survey of managers of major construction companies of the city - the Association members who indicated that demand for housing in new buildings markedly pozhvavyvsya. However, the quantitative zabudivnyky currently still prefer not to speak. Now, in Ivano-Frankivsk builders employed mainly vykinchennyam buildings with a high degree of readiness.

Ivano-Frankivsk, as predicted in the summer, some construction companies expected increase in property prices has not happened. However, as noted by Oksana Huculak Realtor real estate companies VIP Partner ": summer house prices have fallen against the dollar, and from this demand and offer relatively korektuvalasya. As usually, the biggest demand for real estate to enjoy the downtown, which is the most expensive. Cheapest real estate observed in the neighborhood and beekeeping Pozitron, but generally, prices depend on the infrastructure developed neighborhood. " In the opinion, expert, real estate market are waiting for qualitative transformation. Accommodation will be more clearly differentiate Segment. Minimum property prices will be made in autumn 2009, then begin a smooth recovery markets. Sell will be difficult, as the buyer will become more exacting, and will be treated more strohishe quality real estate. And although in 2009 Adjust property prices downward, but eventually they will rise again. The most promising type of property for a private investor named Oksana Huculak apartment in downtown and land in close proximity to the city. Now, using the situation in the housing market, tenants get more flexible terms of the lease because today the market has replaced the market Landlord Tenant. Companies that previously occupied the big office now consolidate their operations in one office building or several smaller. Tenants enjoy the situation and try to achieve more flexible rates. We are faced with the fact that tenants require our 30-50% discount, and we forced them to go to a meeting, "- said Sergey Malik, manager of one of Frankivsk investment companies. Nevertheless, as noted by Tatiana Panasenko, office lessor store non-food items: In 2009 we signed an agreement in Euro, and the lessee must accept this. I know many people who have suffered because the lease agreements entered into in dollars. Therefore, currently suffers who signed a contract in foreign currency. " Today in the Ivano-Frankivsk increased supply of commercial real estate, but demand for it decreased. However, it is possible bargaining and joining the tenant and landlord to a common denominator "- said Denis Pirquet, an expert on real estate realtor company VIP partner. However, there is a strong demand and low supply of rental housing. Some owners raise prices too high, trying to make a volatile situation, such as one bedroom unfurnished apartment costs 1200 USD a month, when its real price is more than 700 USD. A night stay in a one-room apartment, a landlord will cost from 80 USD (preferably a micro beekeeping and Pozitron) or 150 USD, if the central part of town. As the experts in real estate realtor Ivano-Frankivsk company VIP partner, fall 2009 will be much more visible shortage of new buildings. Right, that in the second half of 2008 there was almost no building, and all of 2009 is not a trend of building new housing, so in 2010 construction has not yet been fully restored. If you compare this autumn with the fall of last year, the prices in Euro for housing increased by 5-10%, as compared with that in summer this year, the significant price increase has not happened. So, if you grow the dollar, real estate fall. So if you decide to invest in real estate, most not let the moment the bottom, because despite all the unstable real estate market forecasts Ivano-Frankivsk developing. No wonder today it employs nearly 122 real estate agency.

Suburban real estate and recreational areas and rental price "high ski season"

Operators noted that compared to December (to 27.12) New Year holiday rises in price by 30-50% and in some cases by 100%. And so is up to the Old New Year, then the prices will drop, but not much - for the entire season still ahead.
The most expensive is Bukovel. Relax at this resort in a vacation worth of 12000 USD per person. Moreover, nothing special for the money you're offered. Although there are suggestions and by 77 000 USD - but that is for premium customers. But the Yugoslav and Yablunitsa more attractive - week Christmas-New Year entertainment costs amount from 4000 to 6500 USD.
Accommodation at the rest of the village Yablunitsya, Ivano-Frankivsk region will cost approximately 650 USD per night. For this amount you can count on a standard double room suite, guarded parking and breakfast.
But if you're lucky, you can and 250 USD per night oblashtuvatysya good - comfortable accommodation in the private sector, with hot water and other amenities. All other benefits (food, lifts, rental equipment) are charged according to the local list price. Basic Beauty Yablunitse - is located near ski slopes.
The resort Slavske prices slightly higher, but there are budget options. For 450 USD you can rent a double room. But by not offering 700 rooms, and a cottage designed, however, the residence of two persons. But without food.
In the pathos Bukovele tour operators offer daily accommodation in double rooms from 465 to 620 USD. A set of standard services: hot / cold water, TV, phone. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can doplatyvshy about 200 USD per day, or eat in local restaurants and cafes.
As for train tickets to Lvov, Uzhgorod and Ivano-Frankivsk, then leave you without any problems.

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