Rating of new buildings of Kyiv region

18.11.2012 00:45
Articles about real estate | Rating of new buildings of Kyiv region The "affair" was the TOP-10 of the best residential complexes, have appeared in 2012 near Kyiv and in the cities-satellites of the capital.
Places in the rating are distributed on four main criteria:

remoteness from Kiev,

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internal and external infrastructure
conditions of the acquisition.

An additional five points accrued for the presence of own Parking lots. All subjects were evaluated on a five-point scale from one to five.

Five points awarded, if

The LCD is located at less than 6 km away from Kiev,
he built or being built in the village, near the center,
in the area there are good infrastructure,
the LCD is convenient public transport.

Balls were removed, if the infrastructure of the LCD absent kindergarten, school, supermarket, banks and other facilities, necessary for a comfortable stay. In the conditions of acquisition of housing a maximum score was raised for the range of possibilities when buying real estate, namely: the purchase of the loan in installments, and the discount.

The first place in the ranking took LCD "the Seagull"by typing in the amount of 24 points. Only two points from him behind the LCD "Kiev" - 22 points and, accordingly, the second place. Closes the top three leaders of the "Catholic" with 21 point.

The same number of points scored LCD "Vishneva oselia" and RC Olzhyn Grad - on 20 points and occupied the fourth and fifth places.

The sixth place is located the "Innovator" - 19 points. The seventh and eighth place among themselves divided the LCD "Moscow" and the "sanitation" - 18 points. Ninth place went to the "Amber" - 17 points, closes the rating of the "Happy meters" - 13 points.

Was also prepared by an expert rating of the company Knight Frank. The analysts of the company taken into account set of factors: the location; the price of the materials; planning; инфраструктрура; accessibility and availability of information. According to all the criteria of first place in the rating took LCD "Chaika", on the second position is located LCD "Innovator", has closed a three of leaders of the "Cathedral".

The prices of the squares in cities-satellites and equal in Kiev

The "case" was discussed and in the cost of square meter. And, as it turned out, the last time prices cherished meters in the residential complexes in the suburbs of the capital or in cities-satellites almost do not differ from Kiev.

Developers in the satellite town of the capital slow to respond to the realities of the market.

As a result, today the price of housing in the same Cherry, Vyshgorod, Obukhov, Ukrainian and other satellites are almost the same, as well as in Kiev.

"The average price of a square meter of primary housing in Ukrainka is 9000 UAH., in Cherry, Brovary and Obukhov - about 8000 UAH. One of the exceptions can be called Irpin. Here the prices are somewhat lower, than in other cities-satellites - 5500-6500 UAH., that is explained by the high level of competition among developers. Thanks to this, the city remains the leader of sales of the primary real estate", - has told to "Business", Director of investment-construction company "cmd" Vladimir Kondratenko.

In General, the suburb of Kiev can't boast of an extensive offering of the primary housing - new objects a little

"The advantage of purchasing a primary residence in the capital is the fact that most of the capital's developers are big companies, which are controlled by a number of governmental authorities and, therefore, comply with all necessary norms. Small builders working in the satellite-cities and suburbs, sometimes find ways of avoiding strict controls. As a consequence, there can be a situation, when the object is finished, the men entered, and communication is not connected. And the owners of new apartments has to live with, for example, without hot water", - sums up the Kondratenko.

Be sure to inquire about the Builder

When buying a home it is necessary to pay attention to a lot of factors. First of all, you need to obligatory inquire about the company-developer, especially if the house is still not completed. "We suggest that you explore the site of the company, get acquainted with its history, with objects that have been completed or are at the stage of implementation. Visit the specialized forums, where communicate buyers of apartments in the complex, you are interested in. Also will not be superfluous to visit the construction site, to make sure that the object is conducted active work", - advises the "Case" of the Director of the development company "nest" (PJSC "real Estate of the capital") Konstantin Bravo.

If you are convinced of the reliability of the developer, review the construction area of the house, as well as the house itself: transport accessibility, the existence of the necessary infrastructure (Parking, children's playgrounds, shops, school and etc.), building plans for the territory (if around the house there are large undeveloped areas). Carefully study the layout of apartments - even in new buildings are inconvenient options.

"If it is important for you high-quality service, look for a house with its own management company, but which has already had the experience of managing such residential complexes or houses. In this case we recommend to compare the size of the tariff with the quality and content services, as well as compare prices in different buildings. If the house is ready and has already allowed the viewing of apartments, make sure to visit, to assess the quality of the construction and to choose an apartment, which you love most," said Bravo.
In an exclusive ranking of the "Case", "TOP-10 best residential complexes 2012" took first place of the "Chaika", the second - LCD "Kyiv", and closed a three of leaders of the "Cathedral" .

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