Pugacheva and Galkin furnished the house according to Feng Shui

25.03.2016 00:45
Articles about real estate | Pugacheva and Galkin furnished the house according to Feng Shui Russian singer Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin her husband for a long time lived in a luxurious castle in a village near Moscow Dirt. But over time, journalists have become aware of all the secrets of this new lock. In particular, recently in the Ukrainian program "Star Trek" Alla and Maxim told that hedged their apartments according to the rules of feng shui. It appears, prima donna of the Russian platform believes that complying with all the rules of feng shui promotes success in creativity and bring wealth and prosperity to the family. Pugacheva said that she and Maxim asked the professionals who helped them build a house according to the rules of the Chinese teaching.

Experts advise spouses to furnish all the rooms in the castle with large mirrors. With the help of mirrors can be protected from evil thoughts envious. "The reflection is necessary to look only with positive thoughts, and then the mirror will showcase its magical properties," - he said in a telecast Alla.

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However, spouses are protected not only by means of mirrors. Recently it became known that under his castle near Moscow Pugacheva and Galkin built a large underground bunker. According to NTV, this premise must be a singer, to be able to survive natural disasters, acts of war and so on.

The area of ​​the bunker is about 1000 meters, and the depth - 15 meters. This whole underground house, which has a bedroom, several bathrooms, dining area, storage, sauna, library. Estimated cost of the project - 10 million rubles.
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