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01.05.2014 01:15
Articles about real estate | Proper property insurance - security deposit Real estate insurance can protect us from a variety of financial problems, but only if the insurance company is reliable, and the contract - drawn up by all the rules. The practice of property insurance in Ukraine is significantly different from Europe and North America , where a guarantee of security of tenure is a leader among domestic needs of the population . We, according to official statistics , in the past year on insurance contracts has been paid all real estate 137 600 000 UAH . , Accounting for only 3 % of the total insurance premiums in the country. These figures do not say that in Ukraine there is a small amount of insurance claims related to real estate , and that this service is available in the domestic market is not too popular .

There are two main reasons for this situation . First - a high degree of distrust of insurance companies. The second - that in times of economic instability of the country as a whole, the average family 's financial well-being is reduced and come first basic human needs - food , clothing. Insurance , however, even as a means of protection and safety postponed until better times , especially that in our country there are no laws on compulsory insurance of immovable property, such as a car.

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Recommend to insure that

Experts recommend to think seriously about property insurance , if you , for example, rent out an apartment for rent , because tenants are not closely monitor his condition - that is human nature that relate to the property of others carelessly . If the dwelling is used seasonally, for example, only in the summer , it is also better to insure as monitor the status of the room , especially while many miles away, is quite difficult. If in an apartment or house with no fire and burglar alarm systems, there is an occasion to reflect on the conclusion of the insurance contract , although such "shortcomings" and increase its value to the customer. And of course, if you live near a pipeline or heating ducts , airports and airways, insurance will help to reduce the impact of these risk factors on the state of your property.

Furthermore, it should take into account not only the location and operating conditions of real estate, but also the presence of different insurance plans from which to choose the optimal , without succumbing to the temptation to shift the decision on the insurance company .

There are two main methods of property insurance - classic and express. Classic insurance involves a careful study of specialist real estate , including the interior, the occupants of personal belongings and equipment, which can also be subject to this agreement . On the basis of such an expert evaluation, a detailed list of the property and its value is determined , and a platform from which the insurance contract is made .

Express method involves a comprehensive package of insurance services for a particular type of real estate. Contract can be concluded without calling an appraiser , but a fixed amount determined by the rates of the insurance company . On average it is about 50 thousand UAH for construction and 10 thousand UAH for the interior trim in contribution from 300 USD / year. When the relative cheapness and speed of rapid method for the customer it is not suitable for old renovated apartments , as it provides for an adjustment for wear. In addition, the limit on the amount in some cases will not allow to cover costs associated with the insured event .

Major insurance risks and rates

The classical method gives more opportunities for variation. For example, one of the basic insurable risks is the insurance structure ( walls, floors ) , which implies the events related to fire, flood , mechanical destruction of buildings . And though they are not as often , disaster , the most costly . Therefore, the average rate here is 0.25 % of the property value .

Virtually the same rate of 0.2 % and provides insurance for interior decoration. Here insurance amount is usually determined individually depending on the level of repair and materials used.

Optionally, you can also insure under the same contract movable property situated in this room , in particular , appliances, antiques and antiquities . The tariff rate is slightly higher - about 0.4% of the market value determined by an expert evaluation.

Many experts believe a very useful third party insurance . This effectively means that if you suddenly any way spoil repair its neighbors , causing damage not pay you , and the insurance company . The tariff rate for this risk - 0.5% of the property value .

It should also be mindful of the franchise - the amount of damage is not reimbursable by the insurance company - the presence of which is compulsory in almost all insurance companies. It is about 1000 UAH for each of the risks.

Experts believe that the most appropriate and cost -optimal option would be a package deal , in which, however , is prescribed separately each type of risk with an appropriate rate and deductible .

How to avoid the pitfalls and choose a reliable insurer

Reliability of the company is primarily determined by duration of its work in the market and the presence of a positive image among customers. Such data today is quite simple - the good , the Internet allows you to quickly see all the interesting information . A reliable company will not hide from the customer when the insured event , and it guarantees the timely payment . It will provide an individual approach and round the clock service , will not hide their financials from potential customers and be able to offer a flexible system of bonuses and discounts for regular and new customers .

But if you are offered a rate lower than the market , you should think - major insurers will not waste your time on dumping their goal - quality service at market value.

So if you decide to insure your property , especially , you have to study the proposal . And although it will be difficult to choose , because the domestic market officially registered more than 400 insurance companies, you make sure that some of the names of companies you already know . Worth a detailed study reviews about them , especially from the familiar to you personally of people who have faced similar issues , see the financial statements of previous periods , which self-respecting company placed on their websites for free access.

Talking to an agent , you need to ask as many questions - to clarify all the details and nuances , pronounce and discuss all the objects of insurance contract to when the insured event did not run into trouble , " fine print ." And then again carefully read the text of the treaty. Better if he is an individual , and not typical .

Before placing should call an expert appraiser to determine the exact cost and fixing the property. Such a visit will cost about 800 USD, and if it is dear to you , you can make detailed photos of the insured , as well as , if possible, have receipts for all things , since otherwise payment will be made after the determination of their residual market value.

Keep in mind that the conclusion of agreements on the same immovable property in two different companies is considered cheating . However, you can enter into contracts on different parts of the same estate . For example , split the contract for the construction and repair.

You should also remember that if you did not apply for reimbursement to the insurance for a year , then the next time you can expect a discount of 10-15% .

When the insured event must- fact on record , for example through the police protocol , otherwise the company can quite officially abandon payments. As a rule, should apply to the insurance within a few days after the incident, and this figure also need to know accurately , it should be spelled out in the contract.

insurance unfinished

In addition, you can insure and its financial risks associated with buying a property in newly constructed homes. Such insurance can protect your interests from bankruptcy builder , double housing sales , delayed construction and tightening commissioning , destruction, or damage to the building by fire or natural disaster , fraud , including forgery .

Risks in this segment is much higher than in the secondary real estate insurance , and therefore rates reach 1.5-5 % of the amount invested . As a bonus, the customer receives an additional check reliability of the developer , because the insurance company will never take unnecessary risks on insurance cases unreliable . Therefore, experts recommend not apply to insurance companies in construction companies , because such insurance is only formal.

The disadvantage of this type of insurance is that when the insured event the client receives a refund of the purchasing power which may be lower than the original . This is due, of course, with the instability of the national currency

In fairness it should be noted that insurance unfinished in our country - the question is rather theory than practice. In fact, insurance companies are not willing to work with these clients - the risk is too high in the absence of an appropriate legislative framework that would protect insurers themselves .

Thus, the insurance of all types of real estate , including primary , may be as safe investments , and ongoing financial costs , but only if you approach the matter carefully and without haste .

Thank you for your help in preparing material Tatiana Babich, deputy head of the insurance company "Aelita" .
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