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20.10.2009 10:30
Articles about real estate | Proper nutrition on principles  Feng Shui Usually the problem of malnutrition is combined with a lack of self-organization and discipline - eating on the run, by fits and starts, frequent snacks between meals, craving for sweets, incorrect distribution of the daily volume of food (much of it is usually necessary for dinner). In this case, we must begin with a general improvement of chi at home or work place, if most of your time you spend at work, as well as to attract the energy of the north-west associated with the element metal and promotes development of self-discipline.

Moreover, it is important to change their attitude to food. In Chinese culture, recognized the truth "we are what we eat, because food is the main source of energy, or" bodily qi. Therefore, cooked in a hurry, using a variety of non-natural food supplements "feed" the body of the same faulty qi. First of all, we must understand food as a gift, a blessing and a source of vitality. Come into the kitchen as the house, preparing food - as priests. Remove from the kitchen TV, a place where a shelf with a well-designed cookbooks, discover the natural spices and seasonings, carried away by some ethnic cuisine or a little deeper into their own, traditional, short, start there with taste. Of course, an important role in all this is the quality of products, feng shui in the kitchen the most important requirement for them - freshness. Any high-quality product, having lost its freshness, and loses the most important - the beneficial energy that fuels the organs and tissues. It is indisputable, and the fact that food cooked in a disturbed energy balance (in a bad mood the cook, bad feng shui kitchen and so forth), takes in disharmonious chi and transmits it to those who eat the food.

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Start a tastefully
In today's world, man is surrounded by many artificial and synthetic objects and materials that generate an artificial chi, alienates him from thinking about the sanitation of their diet and lifestyle. For the recovery of qi should keep the windows open more often, of course, if they do not face the street with active traffic, free from the windowsills dominates items carefully monitor the cleanliness of glasses. Sunlight should be free to penetrate into the room.

Start your ornamental plants. In the art of feng shui flowers are regarded as a panacea for correcting adverse situations, it is with their appearance in your home begins to receive fresh Qi.

In order to mitigate the adverse effects of an artificial atmosphere, it should be possible to reduce the amount of electrical equipment, such as to dispense with a microwave or electric kettle.

It is strongly recommended to replace the kitchen and the dining room most of things and objects made of artificial materials to natural. Do not cover the wooden floors in these rooms synthetic carpets or linoleum, an interesting design solution may be ceramic tile in areas where the floor can suffer from constant moisture or drops of hot fat, for example, near a sink or stove. Besides pottery belongs to the element Earth, and thus will contribute to the stabilization and regulation introduced by the change.
Instead of nylon curtains hang better light curtains, cotton or linen, or lightweight blinds made of natural materials available for cafeteria wooden or wicker furniture, kitchen utensils with wooden handles or manners, wood, glass or ceramic containers for food storage, in extreme cases -- Parts of furniture with metal elements, but to monitor the balance of metal elements: place a limited number of such subjects in north-western part of the kitchen or dining room. In the same sector is well placed metal clock with a pendulum: it will become more organized and disciplined, will facilitate the restructuring in accordance with your selected healthy regime, and the rhythmic motion of the pendulum will make a more balanced qi. Such a measure would have a positive effect in cases where previous attempts to get rid of the addiction to food or to adhere to a balanced diet ended in failure.

You will desire to spend most of their time for cooking healthy food, if the kitchen will always order and comfort. Efforts should be made to precisely this that room and stopped. Feng Shui experts clearly recognize the white color of most favorable to the kitchen design, since it contrasts favorably with the products, emphasizing their juicy color diversity. The ability to enjoy food with all the senses - is a sure way to health through his stomach! Other reasons for such discharge cuisine lies in the fact that the white color symbolizes the element of metal, which is favorably combined with the main element in the kitchen - fire. For this reason, avoid the kitchen in black, because it represents water, the element of hostile fire. If the kitchen combines the function of a dining room, you need to add a dominant white yellow, cream, beige or pink items.

The ability to enjoy food with all the senses - is a sure way to health through his stomach!
To strengthen the desire for change, should expand the bed where you sleep, the headboard, south-east or east. In the same vein, it is desirable to sit at your workplace or expand in this direction favorite chair or sofa on which you like to relax.

To gain commitment and consistent realization of the planned changes can also try to remove everything from the walls for a short period to paint them white, thus bringing the active energy of the metal (but it is not recommended to use white, if the room faces west). This means tough stimulation for those cases, if you are sluggish or apathetic in nature. Rigid yang energy slightly soften the picture and add details in yellow. Milder stimulating effect is beige, orange, sand, pink and silver-gray color, so if there is no real need for a shake-up energy, give preference to these nuances.

It is important to keep clean and keep possible nezahlamlennymi northeastern and southwestern sectors of your home - they are responsible for normal functioning of the stomach and pancreas, as well as western and north-west, which are associated with the colon.
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