Penthouse from Yudashkin: $ 15 million for indposhiv apartments

28.03.2011 00:07
Many famous fashion designers create interiors and even entire buildings named after themselves. Recall resort Armani Residences in Marassi, Vita Tower in Panama from Versace and six-star Palazzo Versace hotel in Dubai, and numerous projects under design by Philippe Starck brand Yoo. Now, the baton took Valentin Yudashkin, one of the brightest stars in the firmament of the Russian fashion world. He created a design project of a luxury penthouse in Sochi.

This project developed by a famous designer for quite a particular residential complex "Royal Park" is already built in Sochi real estate development company MR Group. The house was built last year, finished in all common areas, but these days it is expected to grand opening and check the first tenants. On the roof of high rise buildings, more precisely, on 18, 19 and 20 floors is a huge, a total area of ??2,950 square meters. m penthouse with beautiful views of the sea, mountains and the city itself.

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According to Roman Timokhin, CEO of MR Group, the cost of the penthouse is $ 15 million - this amount includes a design project of Valentin Yudashkin.

That only made no provision for the author here interior: the apartments of 20 rooms of the suite with a circular living room, fireplace, private cinema and a billiard room, private gallery for art collections, bar, SPA area with sauna and steam room, several recreation areas under the open sky with pavilions " Arcade "and" Dastarkhan, patio for relaxing Japanese-style pavilion for a barbecue in the Moroccan style, outdoor sun deck with Jacuzzi and font, and a bar with walls, waterfalls and a mosaic floor, a mini-dance floor and other areas, allowing future owners to implement any scenario of rest. In short, this home will satisfy the most demanding taste. On the 18 floor there are 2 apartments for staff.

Creating interiors for Yudashkin's occupation is not new. As acknowledged by the Russian king of fashion, he has already had to make out individual houses and flats, to advise on the selection of antiques, furniture. He enjoys many years of collecting Russian Empire style furniture and a good judge of interiors. However, this draft was the first of which the designer says publicly and for the first time it creates an interior from scratch.

"The fact that the design project is not designed for a particular client, gave freedom for creativity, for the choice of concepts - shared with us Valentin Yudashkin. - On the other hand, we are attracted to the stage where a penthouse is already there "in concrete", and this, of course, some limitations - I had to enter our fantasies in a ready-made architecture. But we love challenges. Another problem was the geometry of the suite: the solution round the premises is always given hard, but our team has to cope with it. "

For the development of planning was involved in a group of young Moscow and St. Petersburg architects. They took the architectural and communication solutions, constructive part of the project - in short, the technical side of things. Sam Valentine thought geometry shapes, colors, choosing materials. "I prefer the large squares, cubes as elements of a house of materials - glass, crystal mirrors, high-quality plastics as a fashion 80's - he says. - The furniture I like to use stone, metal, wood, porcelain. Tables, some chairs, beds, used for the design project Sochi penthouse will include the line "House & Interior, which is now preparing a fashion house Valentin Yudashkin and which will be presented at the end of the year. It will be presented bedrooms, kitchens, libraries, canteens, etc. And of course, exquisite accessories from Yudashkin - tablecloths, dishes, linens, clothes to sleep.

The basic idea of ??interior design penthouses in the Royal Park "- the maximum comfort for the person who will come to his residence in Sochi, 2 times a year - summer and winter. For a summer vacation at his disposal light, bright, open spaces, mostly in the eastern style, and in winter will be in demand fireplace lounge and interiors that bear the most "masculine" in nature, giving a feeling of warmth, true to the noble dark colors. But in any case the owner should have everything you need and enjoy the comfort at the seven-star hotel. "This project - we look at a lifestyle de luxe», - emphasized the couturier.

Interestingly, the interior design variativen. Its different parts, different areas addressed in a different style: a rigorous classics in the modern spirit in art deco style, etc. After receiving the draft, the owner will choose the style of the house, which is closer to him, and adjust the project in accordance with needs of their families. Possible and change layouts. Valentin Yudashkin's team is ready to help him make a final, individual project.

According to experts, the cost of the design project in life can make an amount equal to the value of the property. However, Roman Timokhin argues that buyers are interested in the penthouse. "In Sochi there is no more a penthouse - with the territory of 15 acres, with swimming pool, with elegant sea view" - he says.

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