Outside the city - with a four-legged friend!

19.02.2018 00:45
Articles about real estate | Outside the city - with a four-legged friend! During trips to the cottage settlements of the Kiev region often happens to communicate not only with managers and residents of projects, but also with four-legged inhabitants of country houses. Some of them are threateningly barking because of high fences, others joyfully poke their noses into their hands and demand that they be ironed. Among the advantages of suburban life with confidence can be attributed and the ability to provide your pet with a full life in the open air, not limited to four walls in a high-rise building. For example, I regularly go to the country with my dog ​​- and every time the dog jumps joyfully into the car, and when he arrives at the dacha he begins to wind circles around the site, happy from the absence of a limiting leash. And it is bound to please the accessibility of forests and lakes - for example, walking along forest paths in company with a dog can be considered an excellent rest for a day off.

However, there are also difficulties in keeping dogs outside the city, which, however, can easily be circumvented. First, you need to make sure that the free walking of the dog will be limited only by your site - you need to carefully inspect the fence and strengthen the "weak" places. If the plot is broken garden, it can become a victim of dog games, so it is better to make places with plants unattainable for paws.

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Secondly, according to my observations of his four-legged friend, there is some relaxation of the dog from the freedom that fell on her head. In the city, dogs are often forgiven for behavior, which is usually not welcomed in urban conditions - for example, loud barking on passing cars. If you live in a country house all year round, then it will not bring any special inconveniences. But if the dog travels out of town occasionally, it is better not to encourage undesirable behavior so that when you return back to a city apartment, you do not have to re-educate the dog to behave decently.

Thirdly, in spite of the fact that the dog can walk around the site without hindrance, full walks and mental exercises are still needed. I note that when walking dogs on the territory of settlements, according to the legislation, the animal should be on a leash and, if its growth exceeds 40 centimeters, in a muzzle.

"He who says you can not buy happiness, never bought a puppy." Wilfred P. Lampton

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