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Articles about real estate | On the ground, environment-Kernes Avakov build offices On a plot of 1.28 hectares, which in 2008 was transferred free of charge to the deputies of Kharkiv city council in the property housing co-operatives "Orbita-Service", built supermarket, transmit Nashі Groshі. In 2008, the deputies of Kharkiv City Council passed into the ownership of OK "HBC-Orbit Service" land area of ​​1.28 hectares for the construction and subsequent operation of a residential building on the street. Komandarma Cork (angle Str. Uborevycha). The construction was to be completed by the end of 2011.

The land was owned by private traders because of the "co-operative scheme". Recall that the Housing Code of the Ukrainian SSR, which still operates in Ukraine, allows housing cooperatives receive free land for construction of multifamily housing. However, the Code puts several requirements to the participants of HBC: its members must be resident in the city will be built housing, to demand better living conditions and to stand in the apartment turns. And registered wishing to join the co-op at the company, institution, organization or the executive committee of the board. Members of the cooperative must have at least five, but on the whole the same as and apartments in the planned building. Age of the cooperative members - up to 30 years.

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Therefore, most of the founders of the building societies recorded them as serving. Although such organizations do not have the right to receive an extraordinary free land, city councils allocate them plots throughout Ukraine.

But there is no shelter at all was not built. And there was "Continent" retail and office center with total area of ​​8 489.7 sq.m. Although the cadastral map of the land still has a purpose - the infield. With regard to land, it is migrated to the private property of Sergei Grinko.

And now more about those who received the land and those who have built a retail and office center.

OK "HBC-Orbit Service" in 2008 founded Galina and Anna Davydova, Igor and Marina Kotvitsky Epishina.

Galina and Anna Davydovs were also founders OK HBC "Triumph", which received free land in the park, which built his estate family People's Deputy Michael Dobkin

Galina Davydova is the founder of LLC "Parking +", which annually receives contracts from the city council for road repairs in the tens of millions of hryvnia. Also Davydov several cooperatives were issued.

Igor Kotvitsky is now the People's Deputy of the "People's Front". Prior to his election, people's deputies was vice-president of JSC "Investor", which is now owned by his wife Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, as well as the deputy of the regional council of Kharkiv in the "Fatherland." Kotvitsky - this is the people's deputy who allegedly forgot to add to its declaration about a billion hryvnia and zakotorogo excused himself Avakov.

Marina Epishina - the ex-deputy of the Kharkiv City Council of VO "Fatherland" and avakovskogo of "Ivestore" top manager. He was assistant People's Deputy of the seventh convocation Arsen Avakov.

In April 2010, the director of the cooperative became Sergey Grinko and changed all the founders. Grinko Also among the founders were recorded Grinko Galina, Dorovsky Egor, Nikolay Tsumik. Apparently during this period and the land was transferred.

And in August 2011, again completely replaced by the founders and head.

The founders began Derevyansky Vladimir, Sergei Pautov, Vladislav Guslistaya and Sofia Denisenko. Now the founders are the same, except the last.

Derevyansky Guslistaya is a partner in several companies, in particular, the "new logistics", "Universal-62." Guslistaya was the owner of several companies that have won contracts for tens of millions of hryvnia in the days of Victor Yanukovych.

Sergei Grinko, who is now the owner of the land, founded the company "C & G" with the ex-deputy of the Kharkiv City Council from the "Strong Ukraine" Yegor Dorovskoi.

That company "C & G" has an area of ​​"Continent" shopping and office center.

Egor Dorovsky works as the deputy director of LLC "Pilot Plant" GNCLS which is known under the guise of drug companies "Health".

The founder of "Pilot Plant" GNCLS "is a Pharmaceutical Group Ltd." Health ".

Last recorded on the Virgin offshore company, "Health Holdings Limited", as stated by the beneficiary Pole Leonid Ogorodnikov. Previous owner was listed Russian senator Shishkin.

Director of LLC "Pharmaceutical company" Health "is Alexander Dorovsky. In local elections in the autumn of 2015 several members of the factory ran for city council in the list of presidential "Solidarity". During the campaign, handing out kits Kharkov "solidarity".

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