Nine Ways to buy an apartment at a discount of 30-90%

05.10.2011 00:15
Articles about real estate | Nine Ways to buy an apartment at a discount of 30-90% Formal and informal opportunities that can be used in Ukraine.

If you have a small salary, a small amount of savings and a great desire to get their own "square", "Bagnet" depicts the potential that can serve this goal. Note that the rating was originally 10 ways to buy a flat.

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But then we have rejected for reasons of principle involved in the lottery type of purchase of apartments in the buildings' demolition. " In Gambling with the state always wins, it is. We certainly expect that the implementation of each of the following methods in the applicant for housing there will be many obstacles that can not be described in a short article.

The program "Affordable Housing"

As part of the state target economic and social programs for affordable housing can be obtained irrevocable aid from the state amounting to 30% of the regulatory assessment for the purchase of an apartment housing in new buildings that are ready at 70% or more. Here it is necessary to take into account two "but": the price of housing set builder and assistance covers only the area of ​​normative (ie, 21 square. M of space per person and 10.5 square meters. M per family) under the marginal cost of construction per square meters. Therefore, the difference in housing prices, which exceeds the regulatory area and / or the marginal cost of construction, people pay out of pocket. In this case, state aid may be less than 30% of the cost of housing.

You can join the program for citizens who are on housing lists as in need of better housing conditions, or when the average monthly gross income the lender and his family at the rate of one person does not exceed four times the size of the average monthly salary in the region. In this case the creditor must have at its disposal 70% of the amount needed to buy a home.

To express its desire to buy an apartment in such a way to come to the regional administration of State Fund Mortgage Center Youth Housing Assistance. There you can find a list of objects that participate in the program, choose the right home and write statements.

Affordable housing loans

If you just find 70% of the purchase of housing is not possible, in the "Oshchadbank" participants "Affordable Housing", whose average monthly income of $ 2.5 thousand UAH and more, can receive credit for their share of contribution.

Under the program, credit is granted at 16% per annum for 20 years. The sum of the loan may not exceed 50% of the cost of housing.

To get a state loan for an apartment, you need to open a current account in the establishment of "Savings Bank" and to make at this own expense. 30% public support for a specific property shall be credited to this account after the conclusion of all related agreements.

Youth Credit

People who have not attained 29 years of age, youth may receive credit for the purchase of an apartment just under 3% per annum for 30 years. Such a right can be obtained from the State Fund of Youth Housing Assistance.

The biggest benefit here is obvious for young families who are up to 29 years of age are planning to have kids. So, with the advent of the first child, the family shall be exempt from payment of interest on the loan, and when the second and third born child, the Fund shall repay 25% and 50% of the loan amount, respectively. Given that the maximum amount of credit is the youth of 225 thousand UAH (about $ 28 thousand), this promotion is really inspiring.

To get the youth credit, you need to collect the entire list of documents and a statement of the Fund's right to receive partial compensation. After that, the prospective buyer selects the bank from the list of those cooperating with the Fund. At the end of the deal and it offers a special bank account, where as a down payment the buyer need to list 6% of the loan amount. The size of the loan on an apartment defines the regional office of the Fund at the rate of 21 square. m flat area per family member plus 10 square meters. m per family.

According to Victoria Tsymbal, which received a loan for an apartment in Kiev a few years ago, she did not give bribes, but went to the Fund as at work. "I asked, explaining, even crying - she admits. - I was struggling, she believed that things will work out and still achieved the desired! "

Reduced apartment

Citizens who receive benefits (about 265 thousand people) can buy an apartment two times cheaper than its cost. Thus, according to the program developed by the Cabinet of affordable housing, benefit recipients will be able to buy 52.5 "square" on the family. The cost of this apartment with 50% discount will be about 210 thousand UAH.

To do this, again, must be in the flat part and wait ... and if you do not have benefits, "necessary" to help people find them. To get to the coveted list, there are the so-called "pro prodviganiyu in the queue." They can prescribe a person in the same Kyiv, get all the information and put it in place at the apartment. These people are dating zhekah, district administration and other equally important in solving housing problem instances. Taking advantage of their services (and paying $ 1,000), you ceases to turn on sotskvartiru. The next step - to become familiar with the right people under the protection of "pimp." And there is need to negotiate himself.

Apartments from contractors

Buy an apartment at 20-40% cheaper than can the contractors who got housing from developers as a salary. In order to "cash out" the goods, the contractors are selling their apartments cheaper than market value. Currently, the share of such apartments is about 20% of the offerings on the market of new buildings. But among the advertisements is usually no systematic information on the sale of discounted apartments. Usually you can find them in the lists of real estate firms in the section of new buildings, where apartments are sold in small quantities and with varying the meter, that is, it is not a sale of all (or most) flats in one house.

Risks in such transactions are minimal and they are connected mainly with the lengthy process of registration of the contract on the property right, since in such cases, the buyer is dealing with a chain of organizations, not only with the direct owner of an apartment.

The apartment, which sells bank

In the case where the borrower can not repay the loan, the bank with the consent of the borrower or forcibly takes the property and sell the apartment at 20-30% off market value. Not surprisingly, the most likely to buy an apartment have the collateral the bank's employees and their friends.

However, if you want any (who have the money) can buy an apartment in the bank at a discount. To do this, you first need to conduct monitoring of bank Web sites to find the objects on sale of mortgage. After making your selection, the potential buyer to contact the bank and arranges for inspection of the property.

If the apartment you went, you should check it resides in someone or not. We should also consider finding out who is registered in the apartment, as well as when and who was removed from the register. Buyers of apartments pledge to carefully examine the accompanying procedure of buying real estate documents: in particular, here are the documents that relate to closing the mortgage, the prohibition on alienation and TP. Just be sure to document everything in order, you can arrange a deal to buy.

By the way, if the apartment is right for you, but you do not have the cash to buy, the problem can be solved by taking out a loan to buy the collateral to another bank. "Thus, having received the money, you extinguish the debt owed to the bank-deposit-seller apartments and mortgage reissued, releasing property from the ban," - says economist Natalia Karpova consumer lending.

The apartment, which sells the State Executive Service (GIS)

Fulfilling the court's decision, GIS removes the property from the owner of the apartment and selling it through public auction. The initial cost is minimal (sometimes up to 50% below market), but the bidding process can increase by 10-30%.

To find out what property is involved in the auction, you have banks or through the regional office of the executive service. Then, in the GIS need to know where and when the auction will be conducted and what the starting price of the apartment.

Apply to participate in the auction must be no earlier than three days prior to the event, thus it is necessary to pay a guarantee fee (no more than 5% of home sales price) and registration fee (for auction - 34 USD). The full cost must be paid within 10 days after the auction. Officially, the bidding starts with the announcement of the starting price of the mortgaged property. According to the rules during the auction prospective buyers are traded, each time raising the price of not less than 10% of the value of the property sale.

If participation in the auction, said only one buyer or none at all was, the auction may be declared invalid. In this case the auction is carried out again - but no sooner than a month. In this case the starting price, with the consent of the bank can be reduced to 30%.

Housing in exchange for care

If the acquisition of housing you have $ 20-30 thousand, and take out a loan you do not want, you can enter into a contract of life maintenance of the elderly without heirs. According to him, flat passes to the buyer in return for lifetime support of the old owner.

There are two types of such agreements - a life annuity or annuity of a dependent. In the first case for receiving a one-time property buyer pays flat pensioner large sum, and then - a small monthly maintenance for life. In turn, signing a contract of life maintenance, the payer is not only pays rent, but also provides care for the owner of the apartment: removes, buys food, pays for a drug or a nurse, and so on.

Legally, the ownership of the apartment goes to the purchaser immediately upon signing the contract, but while the pensioner is alive, he has no right to sell or donate an apartment, take her pledge of an apartment, live there alone or to settle there for someone else.

Find a lonely pensioner with an apartment with no children in several ways. Firstly, by publishing the announcement of the desire to buy an apartment for life-long care or find themselves the owners of classifieds. Experience shows that such apartments be published little, but they are still there (as, for example, "Bagnet" found two-bedroom apartment on the Hem for just $ 30 thousand - up to 75% below the average market value). Also for the help you can contact the intermediary companies, which bring together senior citizens and buyers. These grandparents generally come themselves to the recommendations of their friends who have already concluded such an agreement.

Those who have no money to pay the initial fee, find the right people, using the links in ZhEKah and Sotszabeze. Method of "encouragement" they receive information about elderly people living alone, their character, health status, after which an acquaintance with all the consequences.

"Bonus" to the salary

In Ukraine, a lot of trades, which at first glance look very unattractive. Small wages, long working hours, constant stress ... However, people who choose this path, they know why they do it. An example of this can be a service in the uniformed services. So if you think you are over where to go to work, carefully review the question of "why there and not here."

As we see, even when prices seem exorbitant, "to reach the stars" with a strong desire can be. The main thing - do not wait, this is the "star" fall on your head itself. And act. Step by step, without stopping.
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