New buildings in the suburbs jostle capital facilities

27.10.2015 00:30
Articles about real estate | New buildings in the suburbs jostle capital facilities The high price of housing in the capital forced many buyers to look closely to the proposal of the new buildings in the satellite towns of Kiev. We decided to find out what advantages and disadvantages, as well as the "unique" features of the purchase of new buildings in the suburbs.

Why suburbs?
According to experts, in the past six months, the trend toward the acquisition of apartments in popularity in modern residential area nearby suburbs of the capital. "For buyers this is a real opportunity to buy a new home at the best price, the more the choice of such proposals is now wide enough", - says Galina Melnikova, CEO Academy "Blagovest". According to him, the commercial director of "Intergal-Bud" Julia Peas, buying an apartment in new buildings in the suburbs of Kiev based on 3 key advantages of residential real estate in this format. Firstly, affordable price - in the suburbs of Kiev square meter of housing in the new building by 25-35% lower cost apartments on the outskirts of the sleeping area of ​​Kiev. Secondly, a comfortable format - the bulk of the supply of apartments in new buildings in the suburban residential complexes represented on several 5-storey buildings with a small-sized one and two bedroom apartments and its own infrastructure in the territory. Thirdly, recreational areas (natural or landscaped residential complexes on the territory near Kiev) and the infrastructure of the complex.

The most popular destinations

Among the buyers of new buildings on the outskirts of the settlements are in demand not only with the most reasonable price per square meter, but also with a good infrastructure of the city and excellent transport links with Kiev. "The buyers of suburban housing in the satellite towns demand is for those communities that have development potential. In cities with a developing infrastructure, a square meter cheaper. But after a few years, when the city will build a good transport infrastructure and the service sector, housing prices in the suburban new buildings will rise. Accordingly, the purchase of real estate today, tomorrow will become a profitable investment ", - says Andrey Kovalchuk, the chief architect of the Institute project" MіskTsivіlProekt ". Experts point out that today the number under construction or recently built LCD in Kyiv and residential complexes in the suburbs of approximately the same (around 250 projects in the capital and the same number next to it), but the output dynamics in the market for new objects above below the capital. As for the most popular localities is according to Galina Melnikova, it's all the satellite towns within a radius of 50 km from Kiev city center. "Among the most popular, you can select the direction of Warsaw - Irpen, Bucha, Gostomel and Kiev Svyatoshinsky district - Cherry, St. Sophia and St. Peter and Paul Borschagivka, Seagull, and Brovary on the left bank," - said the expert. It is estimated the company "Intergal-Bud", about 40% of the available market suburban demand is concentrated near Odessa highway - Gatnoe, Kryukovshina, cherry, which, according to experts, due to high transport accessibility, both for personal and public transportation, recreational areas and the prevailing image of comfort for the life of the district.

What to look for

Buying a home in new building always carries some risks, regardless of locality. The main risk - is nevvedenie house in operation or delay the timing of construction. To avoid becoming a victim of fraudulent real estate developers should be responsible to explore permitting documentation on the subject. "We need to be very careful and carefully study the history of the developer and permits for land and construction work", - recommends Galina Melnikova. Another feature, which should pay attention - this is a suburb of infrastructure, not to have to spend a lot of time traveling to the capital to solve everyday problems in the future. "Social infrastructure suburbs, definitely not designed for such high volumes of housing under construction. Already, there is shortage of schools, kindergartens, clinics and other institutions, functional life support of the population, "- said Julia Peas. She also claims that while maintaining a low level of local infrastructure, the demand for housing in this format will be reduced. Today, much more demand from buyers enjoy residential projects with existing objects of trade, service and social infrastructure

Attractive prices for housing near Kiev

The cost of housing in the suburbs of Kiev, often 25-35% lower than a similar proposal in the capital. So, there are housing estates near Kiev, where a square meter costs from 8 thousand. 500 UAH. And the average cost of 12-14 thousand. UAH. In this case, the closer location to Kiev, the higher the cost of housing. In these settlements, like Peter and Paul and St. Sophia Borschagivka, cherry, apartments in new homes offered for 14-16 thousand. Per sq. m.

What will happen next

Experts predict an active development of suburban housing market capital of satellite towns in the coming years. "Demand will remain high, because the apartment in the suburbs - it is profitable and topical solution of the housing problem for many families. It is especially convenient for those who are not associated with commuting to the capital (young parents, telecommuting, etc.). Thus developers continue to fill the market with new offerings. The level of housing prices in the suburbs will maintain its relationship with housing prices in the capital and will remain as long as the price corridor "- predicts Galina Melnikova. Even more popular, according to experts, will get life in the suburbs, where to begin construction of a new ring road, which they say for years. This, in addition to transport conveniences will entail closer "interaction" with the satellite cities of Kiev and they are, by and large, will be perceived as a new sleeping areas of the capital. But wait for it at least a dozen years.

Buy, sell, and even more to capitalize on the suburban real estate is not so easy. Many Ukrainians solve their housing problem buying real estate in the suburbs of large cities. In particular, it concerns the Ukrainian capital.

We middle class people can not buy a good property in the capital, therefore, have to buy an apartment in the small towns or the urban settlements near Kiev. In the future, they sell property at a higher price, and eventually buying an apartment in the capital.

"Having bought an apartment, for example, 40 thousand dollars and sell for a higher price can not be maximum price of sold apartments will be increased to 10 thousand, and buy an apartment in Kiev for 50-60 thousand and the secondary market." - Says analyst company SV Development Sergey Kostecki.

in the metropolitan housing prices are growing annually by 15% and it is virtually impossible to keep up with the prices. If the choice between expensive apartment worth 100-150 thousand dollars and the cottage of the same value out of town, it is better to give preference to the second option.

According to experts, cottages compared with apartments economy class much higher quality built and furnished. If you sell the cottage countryside changing to an apartment in a prestigious area in the new house, then meet in the amount of 100-150 thousand dollars will not be able.

Cottage towns that are built near large cities, the cost of 50 thousand dollars, not as qualitative as they advertise, said Kostecki. Therefore, for the same price better to buy 1, 2-flat in new building, for example, near Kiev, than to invest their money for retrofitting homes.
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