Most expensive castles in Europe

02.10.2012 00:30
Articles about real estate | Most expensive castles in Europe The cheapest of the most expensive castles for sale - Castle of Florentino in Catalonia. Its cost is € 14 million Trehetazhnoe building area of ​​about 3 sq. m is located near Barcelona in a very picturesque place. Along with the castle buyer will also receive a plot of 42 ha.

Castle St. Florentin has a long history, it was built in the Middle Ages, and in the years 1881-1912. architect Luis Domenech Montaner-and-take his restoration. The castle boasts imenitymy residents and guests of the royal family. Lock symbol - two chained lions that guard the entrance.

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Posted by € 5,5 million to buy a five-story castle in Bavaria, which is located on 60 hectares of land on the shore of the lake. The castle is also surrounded by a French fleet.

Bavarian Palace quite young - was built in 2006 on five floors of the location of 25 richly decorated rooms.

On the French coast near Cannes can purchase a lock XVII century. It is located in a quiet secluded location in mind, but here for 5-10 minutes to get to the beach or the famous Croisette. The cost of the French dream - € 19,8 million

The total area is two thousand square meters. m Buyer will receive nine bedrooms, several lounges, a library, an office, a gym, a guest house, a golf course, a tennis court and swimming pool.

Another castle, offered for sale in Catalonia, can be purchased for € 20 million Castle Estate in the Spanish city of San AndrÉs de Levaneras is less than 40 km from Barcelona. It was built in 1470 and renovated in 1990, the architectural style of the building remains unchanged.

For wine lovers, there is a special offer: old castle in France, which is sold together with a vineyard area of ​​77 hectares. Now there are growing varieties like Sauvignon blanc, Cabernet Franc and Semillon. The castle, the interior in the style of the XVII century. Area - three thousand square meters, has a library and a billiard room.

Near Brussels can purchase a lock for € 25,5 million Its history goes back more than seven centuries, but the castle is in perfect condition: in 2011 there were conducted restoration work.

Huge castle accommodates 80 bedrooms, each of which adjoins a bathroom. There is also a chapel, a theater, several relaxation rooms, three bars, an indoor pool, a sauna, a heliport and a stable.

In the Loire Valley, sold the historic castle XVI century. It is fully furnished in a private property, so the repair and restoration do not need any approvals from the local authorities. Price corresponding to - € 30 million for the 79 ha are orchards, stables and greenhouses, as well as forest, river and lake.

The list also got two Italian castle. One of them - Castello di Pavone in the Italian province of Piedmont.

The cost of the castle with towers on a hill, - € 45 million along the stone walls of the historic building is a moat, which can be crossed by a drawbridge.

At the time, owned the castle king of Italy Arduin, the Holy Roman Emperor Otto I the Great, a representative of Savoy. Rekonstruirovaly building recently, so with all the luxurious surroundings of the buyer offers modern amenities. It is located in the center of Italy - in the province of Umbria, near the city of Perugia.

The neighborhood is more than spacious - about 180 ha, and the living area - almost 10 thousand square meters. m For more information about vendor representatives promise to disclose only in private talks with prospective buyers.
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