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25.07.2010 16:08
Articles about real estate | Most cases spread the word on insurance apartments On the singularities of insurance apartments for the holiday period, the pitfalls and tricks to save told Oksana Ilchenko, chief specialist of the direct sales of IC "ASKO-Medservice.

When insuring an apartment on a holiday from what risks you are advised to insure?

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Some policyholders mistakenly believe that a vacation is to insure the apartment only on the penetration of thieves. However, this risk is usually not accepted for insurance by itself separately. In addition, the vacation all the usual risks remain relevant.

Risks to the case which held insurance include: fire, natural disasters, explosions and accidents of water, sewerage and heating systems, illegal actions of third parties (burglary), the fall of aircraft. At the same time the least likely risks, such as falling aircraft are so small part of the insurance rate, so abandon them makes no sense.

How does the insurance part of the valuation of the apartment?

Valuation apartment held only in the classical property insurance. The most viable option - to insure for replacement value.

At Express Insurance score is not conducted, because the policyholder selects a fixed sum insured, which does not exceed the value of the property.

Express-insurance can be purchased without leaving home. Choose the appropriate option to order and receive delivery.

For some cases when such insurance payments usually take place?

Most apartments in the insurance case of flooding. Therefore, usually in the range of insurance offer to purchase liability insurance to its neighbors. Private homes often suffer from fire, gas explosion, the impact of natural disasters.

How to insure an apartment for the holiday period, but to save?

Save on insurance by selecting express insurance instead of the classic. Express and was coined as an economy option.

Also, in order to insure the savings can only finish and movable property, excluding structural elements. This means that the insurance will not cover losses in the destruction of walls, for example, due to an earthquake or a strong fire.

The period of leave is associated with increased risk, since the loss may be greater, because in the absence of the owner no one to take mitigation measures. The cost of insurance months only during the holiday will be more expensive than the cost of a month for insurance for a long period. Therefore more economical to insure the property for a year, not just a vacation.

How is property insurance, which the policyholder leaves the apartment?

The cost of household goods included in the sum insured. In the classical insurance is an inventory of movable property with an indication of the value of each object. Ideally, there should be copies of receipts and photos of the most valuable objects. This is the right approach.

Express insurance provides a limit of compensation for movable property, so the inventory is not required. Usually a small limit - about 20% of the sum insured.

What could be the "pitfalls" property insurance policy?

Buying property insurance, the policyholder must have a good idea of how exactly he would be paid and in what amount. Limits for various types of property in conjunction with the deductible reduce the amount of compensation to a minimum, which is usually disappointing insured. At the same time on the conscience of the insurers are not clearly prescribed and the risks of exclusion in paying too stringent requirements for the notice period for the insurance company's event or the absence of a list of required supporting documents for payments.

In some cases, SC may refuse to pay for insurance, apartments and property?

The insurance company refuses to pay the insured in case of violation of contract.

The section of the insurance contract on the reasons for refusal to pay need to read very carefully.

The most painful reason for insurance - the intentional commission of acts by the insured to the insured event in order to obtain payment. The set of such cases are described in folklore (various anecdotes), masterpieces of world literature and even in the modern Ukrainian popular prose (Lukow Dashvar "Village people do not").

To failure will also lead an established fact of gross negligence (eg, the insured left the door open) or a breach of fire safety regulations.

Payment will not be if the property will suffer due to risks not mentioned in the contract or prescribed in the exceptions - for example, rodents or mold.

Repairs are also an exception in the standard contracts.

The insurance company has the right to refuse if the client has not informed in time about the accident without a valid reason.

Oleg Kochevyh, Olesya Blaschuk
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