Mistakes when buying a house for rent

28.09.2010 09:55
If you really get into this business - as indeed in any other - is prepared to enter. "Obviously, sooner or later the market rent suburban real estate will repeat its urban counterpart.

More recently, it was most advantageous to buy a very expensive apartment and take her dearly, but today we see a trend of market saturation luxury apartments - says the situation in the market head lease real estate agency "Babylon" Irina Bobko. - A proposal to lease high-quality suburban housing a bit. "

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Of course, much depends on the direction on which the house - a potential source of your income. The same house in different directions may differ in terms of rental rates at times, and forget about it impossible.

The second error - wrong target selected consumer
Prospective landlord must be clear to whom (a compatriot or a foreigner, with high or middle income, with or without children ...) and for how long (in the summer or year-round) it will take the house.

The third mistake - wrong selection environment
Most liquid in terms of renting a house in the cottage: tenants pay attention to health, infrastructure - all that makes the stay and rest comfortable and safe. Naturally, the more developed infrastructure and a more reliable security, the higher the rent. Of course, it is cheaper to buy land in the village at some grandmothers and build a house. But for a rental business that option does not fit completely.

"I had to watch as a perfectly charming owners to acquire a very presentable house with a large plot, pool, landscaping and other goods - says Irina Bobko. - But they could not pass his house, even at relatively low price only because it was surrounded by dilapidated village with little houses and half-drunk people. " Not too suitable for rental business and starodachnye place. Yes, they have a romance, yes, they are in a great location, but they can not provide the tenants nor comfort nor safety.

The fourth mistake - the wrong choice at home
We often see the picture when a house designed by architect grief in the face of the host or hostess, the only bathroom in the house is on the first floor and bedrooms on the third level, there can only walk through the house. In addition, the cottage could individually designed for a particular family.

So what should be a house fit for the rental? Two, maximum three levels, a small number of spacious rooms. Bedrooms in the house should be no less than three, especially if the house is supposed to take a family with children. "Particular attention should be paid to the stairs, their comfort and safety - adds Bobko.

- Here are two possible extremes: excess savings, which leads to quite inconvenient for the lifting construction, or, conversely, generosity in the form of metal forging, stained glass, etc., which can be very dangerous for children. "

Substantially raise the rent can the existence of baths, saunas, or better yet, a swimming pool. Increases the liquidity of the home and ennobled by the presence of the site area of not less than 10 hectare. And fruit and berry bushes, and even more garden farms are not held in high esteem - the tenants did not appreciate.

As the finishing touch - the presence of 2.1 cars. By the way, are no less important and are 100-500 m, which must be overcome next occupant of the road to the house. "Recently, our practice has been such a case. Potential tenants would not even drive up to the house as soon as I saw that on the road to the future place of residence in his expensive car will have to regularly pass 100 meters on the clay soil ", - says Irina Bobko.

The fifth error - improperly executed documents on the house and land
This is one of the biggest problems at the time a country house for rent. When you purchase you should carefully check the documents as the house itself, and on the ground. Ideal - and then, and more properly executed and is owned by one person.

But quite often the house is decorated as unfinished, which leads to problems, such as with insurance or registration of the lease. Not uncommon situation where part of the sold land is owned, and some - in the long-term lease, which again increases the risks.

"The nuances may be different, I come across cases when trying to privately rent a house, which in principle have no right to sit, - said Bobko - because he legally obtained a lease in a departmental settlement."

The sixth mistake - do not include costs for building maintenance
It is important to understand that the house is not enough to buy it even have to contain, and the monthly costs can reach up to $ 500-1000. Choosing a home, carefully verify that all the communications, their status, technical performance of the building - the existence and maintenance of a septic tank, the energy not to get so that the lion's share of the rent will go only to the maintenance of the house.
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