Media: In Dnepropetrovsk build luxury residential district for $ 4 billion

08.06.2010 13:09
<div style="text-align: justify;">In the third and fourth quarter of 2010 in Dnepropetrovsk in place spontaneously arose at the beginning of last century working village Dievka begin the construction of upscale community Sail-3 cost $ 3.95 billion, writes Business Capital.<br /><br />This became known after winning Ltd. Sail-3A, established the ex-deputy BP Leopold Taburyanskim, held on 2 June in the investment tender for the right to build neighborhood Sail-3, writes Business Capital.<br /><br />Leopold Taburyansky assures that the construction of the neighborhood on the site of the village Dievka by 2012 will be in full swing and will be completed within 10-12 years. "It is supposed to build more than one million residential squares for both the wealthy and for lower-income buyers," - he said.<br /><br />According to the construction zhilmassiva Sail-3 General Plan provided for the development of Dnepropetrovsk until 2026. "In the future, for him to extend an existing branch of the subway. This is the perspective and proximity to the Dnieper makes the future of neighborhood very attractive place to live. However, the one who is going to implement the project, will have to carry a settlement of private development consisting of 389 buildings on underflooded territories with a population of about 600 people, "- the report says.<br /><br />According to draft a detailed plan of the new territory of a residential area, which commissioned Ltd. Sail-3A carried Metropolitan Institute Dipromisto jointly with the Dnepropetrovsk Design Institute and the Institute Giprovodkhoz, the total area of the neighborhood will be 107.5 ha.<br /><br />The submission noted that the area must cross two artificial canal 31 meters wide, flowing into the Dnieper, between which appears the island area of 9 hectares. "According to the project architect's Slavinski (Dnepropetrovsk), it will be built up with luxurious semietazhkami - two apartments per floor. It is assumed that housing there will be one of themselves expensive in the regional center" - it says.<br /><br />According to the sand, obtained from the digging of canals, are going to use to improve the territory zhilmassiva to prevent it from flooding. At оставшихся 96,5 ha postroyat 12 -, 17 - and 25-storey building. Ground floor they will be placed under parking lots, and the first - for offices.<br /><br />"It is expected that from thence apartments with total area of 1,270,000 square meters. M can accommodate about 45 thousand inhabitants. For them erect four schools and two clinics," - said in a statement.<br /><br />According to the deputy mayor of Dnipropetrovsk Alexander Afanasyev, the customer for two years leading project development facility Sail-3.<br /><br />According to the publication Taburyansky very extensively commented on the possibility of bringing the declared value of the project - $ 3.95 billion, he said, construction firms interested in large scale operations, including foreign ones, are ready to transfer 20% at the expense of the customer, in return for the right to trade ready housing. In addition, there is agreement on the loan project with three banks, which the deputy did not name.<br /><br />However, these explanations fully satisfy the members of the competition committee, recognized Ltd. Sail-3A winner of the auction. Obviously, from the municipality interested by the statement Taburyanskogo that his project is under the personal supervision of the Minister of Regional Development and Housing Vladimir Yatsuba and submitted to the Prime Minister and the President.<br /><br />"Of the 23 thousand apartments, which will appear in a new residential area, 12 thousand will be small budget, and reportedly already has an agreement with the Cabinet that the state will buy the social meter" - the newspaper noted.<br /><br />As previously reported, the executive committee of Odesa City Council gave permission for the development of urban planning study for construction of a residential complex of eight sixteen houses a kindergarten and a shopping center, as well as the seven-story office center with shopping centers and office-shopping center.<br /><em><strong> </strong></em></div>
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