Maritime land fell. Odessa city officials lower the price of the lots in the resort area

20.10.2008 00:00
November 14 in Odessa will be the auction of 16 parcels with total area of ??over "18 hectares" and a starting price of just over 57 million USD., Many of whom have previously exhibited at the auction but did not find a buyer. Local authorities to attract investors, were forced to reduce the initial cost of the unsold lotov.Posle six-month break in Odessa resumed land auctions. Particularly attractive site for which you can compete in generosity in mid-November, experts have called 1,5 ha in the district of sanatorium "Russia", the French Boulevard, 60, intended for construction of sports and entertainment center height of one to two floors.

"Free allotments on French Boulevard virtually none. There are one or two sentences, but small and usually irregular in shape. The cost of such land in the range of $ 150 thousand sq.m.. A big success is the purchase of several hundred square meters in this exclusive area for $ 80-100 thousand, "- says credit expert real estate agency" Alliance "Maxim Gorshkov. His words were confirmed and the Director of the Odessa Academy of Sciences, "World real estate Elena Abraszewski.

"The price of plots in the coastal zone if they fall out of the difficult economic situation in the country, then only marginally. I only know a couple of plots in this prestigious recreational area, where exposed to the cost of $ 90 thousand sq.m.. But this so-called "credit lands", which people take for bank loans, and now can not pay them and are forced to sell the land, "- says the expert.

However, local authorities did not manage to implement such a prestigious plot, because of what they had to lower the starting price from 22,5 to 21.2 million UAH. Or up to $ 28 thousand sq.m.. In City Council "DS" explained that at a previous auction for this land found a buyer who later renounced his faith and has not transferred the money to the city budget. In the following auction for this lot was filed only one application, and it had to be removed from sale.

Odessa city council has made a substantial discount on two sections of an area of ??about 1 ha each in the beach area of ??the monastery at the Summer residence Kovalevsky, intended for the construction of 2-3-storey resort and recreational facilities.

In the spring they were exposed to 14 million USD., Now the starting price for each is 4.8 million USD. Or more than $ 9 thousand sq.m.. Chief of municipal government land relations Elena Tyutyunnik explained that the allotment can not sell because it is located on a steep slope, which would require additional costs from investors during the construction. Experts predict that it will not be in demand and in the November auction because of its difficult terrain.

Local real estate agencies say that the market value of land in this area has decreased by about 20% compared to the spring, when the plots at the Summer residence Kovalevsky offered at $ 80-120 thousand "on its depreciation has affected not only the financial crisis, but also the passions surrounding the future general plan of Odessa. The city is rife with rumors of a general building of the private sector ", - says Elena Abraszewski, adding that only a few kilometers from the sea at the Red Farm you can find the site and $ 10 thousand sq.m..

Six of the 16 exposed to the November auction of allotments used for construction of warehouses, which are used in the Odessa port in high demand. The most attractive offer - two sites in the area Peresyp the street Ataman Chepiga combined into one lot.

Their total area is about 6.7 hectares, and the starting price - 25.6 million UAH. (About $ 7.6 thousand / weaving). Branch director of commercial real estate EA Sigma Property Vyacheslav Makarov, told DS that the weaving of land for the construction of logistics facilities in Odessa on the secondary housing may cost $ 12-13 thousand, and the city, for example, on the Kiev highway - $ 06.05 th

Warehouses of the local authorities also offer plots for Ovidiopil road, street, agronomic and industrial lane. Another three sites covering 30 hectare to 1 hectare will be available on the Leningrad highway by placing the company service centers. On 20 acres outside of Captain Kuznetsova local authorities want to see tennis courts (starting price of the lot - 955 ths.).

Nearly three acres at the intersection of Academy and Vorobiev Krasnoslobodsk entrepreneurs are invited to build a store (187.8 thous.). Approximately the same size put put up for sale on the street in Makhachkala around the house number 5 for the construction of 2-3-storey children's entertainment center (140 ths.). Documents from potential participants are accepted until November 10. The amount of guarantee fee of 10% from the starting price of the lot.

The local mayor's office say that even if all the sites exhibited at the next auction, will be put under the hammer, the plan proceeds to the local coffers run is unlikely. According to the Director of Finance Department of Odessa City Council Svetlana Bedregi in fund development and improvement of the city, which receives the money earned at auction, until transferred to the order of 151 million UAH., Whereas before the end of the year is scheduled to receive at least 474 million UAH.

"Not enough filling fund development and improvement of the city is directly linked to failure to plan for the privatization of communal property and land sales", - she said.
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