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Once one real estate agency selling a room in a communal apartment. Then it was doubly difficult to make than it is. When selling necessarily required information about the neighbors. So, здрастье! At the last stage of sale of a sudden it turns out that one of the neighbors who live here - a closed form of tuberculosis. Not very dangerous, but if the client will fall fastidious, and could well derail the deal.
Agent grieved a little, but that remains to do - had to call customers. If these conditions do not want to live, you can return the deposit.

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Customers do not have to wait long. There appeared immediately, angry, hot, clear-minded on the scandal. Especially hot men - it is this room than anybody, and beloved mother-bought. As it turns out, she now loses his health.
- It must be the same - even thought realtor, - mother-lucky! Beside such a loving son. For such as a stone wall.
However, further discussion was meaningless. Agent took courage and asked:
- So what you want! Return the pledge?
- No! - In one voice answered her husband with his wife.
- Discounts at $ 300!
There's a-law, on Teschin Health decided to earn. So believe in love after that zyatkov!
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