Is it possible to invest in housing during a crisis?

21.03.2016 00:30
Articles about real estate | Is it possible to invest in housing during a crisis? The situation in the housing market is not easy, Crisis. whether a golden time has ended for investors or it will come back? And what people do with the apartments, which are purchased for future use? Real estate has always been considered profitable investment tool. Before the crisis, it was possible to buy an apartment in a new building at the stage of excavation, to sell it at the end of the building and get 20-40% over the invested amount. Now we can only dream of such a return.

Owners "imposed" on all sides: the property tax at market value, increasing costs of utilities. A chance to earn - less.

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But do not panic. Let's try to understand how the tools work ivestitsionnye usual today.

Option one: Renting an apartment

Donating an apartment today - not the best method of disposal of the asset, says Maria Litinetskaya, managing partner of "Metrium Group". Previously, the owner, renting a house, could count on a passive income at the level of 7-8% per year, and today the maximum yield - 4-6%.

Before handing in an apartment building, it is necessary to make repairs. It takes 3-4 months and will require cost. As rates fell, the owner can return costs only a year and a half.

However, this is better than not getting anything at all from the apartment. In addition, after a year and a half, rents are gradually begins to grow, and the investor will still be finished flat, rather than concrete walls.

Option Two: to sell immediately

Here, the experts are divided. For example, Dmitry Kotrovsky, partner development company "Khimki Groups", believes that now is not the time for a quick sale - too high competition in the secondary market, and without a substantial discount to sell housing will not work. Therefore, if there is no need, it is better to postpone the sale, invest in repairs, take shelter and wait for the return of effective demand, which warm up the price.

Maria Litinetskaya Tip: If you want to sell investment apartment, hurry up with the search for a buyer. The apartments are very, very long time, and if the price of a tall, it is possible year and more buyers to wait. But there is hope that soon will enter the market buyers with "live" money - a currency investors, who are already beginning to change the dollar and euro on the hryvnia. Investors have a chance to catch this demand.

On the whole, 2016 is not the best for sale investment apartments. Buyers require discounts of up to 20-30%, and the owners have to agree.

Option Three: wait for better times

Maybe it's better to do nothing and just wait? This tactic is for those who have the financial capacity to pay taxes, utility bills and so on. N. If you have a house can not afford, it is better to rent it to get at least some minimum income.

Option four: become an investor

Yes, on the one hand, it is disadvantageous Now investor. And if you look on the other - the time to buy. For those who are still "in play" in the future will benefit. There are several factors that should be oriented: this is the initial stage of construction, a reliable developer, accreditation in the largest banks, a prime location with a view to improve the traffic situation. These are the most Expensive apartment complexes under construction - today it is 20-30%.

Buyers of new buildings are now faced with a large volume of supply, competition among projects has increased, which affects the price. The best option - liquid buildings in Kiev, are in high demand. Near Kiev leading projects with good transport accessibility - complex near Kiev, near the metro stations. Such projects should look first.

Of course, in a growing market to invest in real estate is much more interesting. But the crisis - not a reason to abandon the purchase. Moreover, if intelligently approach the selection of the object, you can save well, and even buy not one, but two apartments: developers give discounts in the first week sales of new buildings. As a result, there is a unique opportunity to buy a home is very advantageous. But the income will be available no earlier than in 2-3 years.
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