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19.10.2010 10:57
Articles about real estate | Invest in suburban real estate Experts recommend not to believe in fairy tales about the imminent end of the financial crisis and to carefully weigh the decision on the contributions of funds.
The most reliable areas for investment in the current unstable economic situation continues to remain the gold and real estate - says an expert on the complex process of civilizational development and strategic management Vladimir Stus.
Experts predict a decline in trade volumes and volumes of movement of people. However, the situation of foreign currency will remain fragile and unreliable. "I would not recommend to keep their money in banks. If long-term, it is better to invest in gold for 2 years ", - said Vladimir Stus.
The most effective will invest in real estate in the countryside, close to the capital and major cities. "One of the factors which led to the end of globalization began promotion of the reverse process: the trend will end soon move from suburb to city and begin the reverse process", - explained the expert.

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"Since September 2010 the market of cottage townships Kiev region revived and is beginning to emerge from post-crisis of stagnation. In the stabilization of the economy risks a protracted construction remain in the past. In this case, the price of suburban real estate investment are attractive and have not yet reached pre-crisis level. The demand for plots as a construction contract, and no, and finished houses. Obviously, people do not want to invest in deposits and understand that investing money in real estate more profitable ", - informed director of consulting campaign RealEkspo Victor Kovalenko.
"As of today, offers plots with a row - abound, but the desire to be deceived - a little. With ready-made objects the situation is not so rosy. Among the deserving players in the real estate market continues to lead an elite complex "Mayetok. Despite the high cost, the demand for real estate elite class during the crisis has remained virtually unchanged, unlike the economy-class ", - said Victor Kovalenko.
Famous Ukrainians (politicians and actors) prefer to invest in real estate and development itself.
Chapter Shevchenko district of Kiev, politician Viktor Pylypyshyn believes that "blood" should invest in real estate and children. "The main sources of wealth are knowledge that you have in mind and prepare your children for life in society, that they were competitive," - explained the policy.
People's Artist of Ukraine, Vladimir Goryansky although not in a position to produce large kapitalozheniya, but prefers to invest in the future. "I usually have no choice .. spend on household yes to food. I think to be a tradition of investing in the future and the future. Here's my friend made a great investment: bought 4 acres of land near Kiev and planted a garden. Garden has already given birth, we ate delicious apples, and he was very proud! I did a few years ago bought a cottage in Seaside and convert it into brynzarnyu ", - said the actor.
Secretary of the BYuT faction in the city council, the deputy Aleksei Davidenko also advises to invest in real estate. "After the signing of a memorandum between Kiev and Kiev region Kiev for middle-income countries, is uniquely advantageous to invest in real estate in the region than in remote areas of the capital. In the first place, because the infrastructure area will develop rapidly, "he explained.
The leader of the public association "The new Kiev", the politician Zorian Shkiryak invest in yourself. "I would advise you to invest in education and in obtaining the maximum information. I put in politrazvitie his union and the party. My last big purchase - a 3 bedroom apartment in Obolon in 2003. But if there is an opportunity to buy, then it is certainly real estate. In all circumstances, an investment will pay off and may even yield a profit "- summed up Zorian Shkiryak.
Xenia Zalutsky, Reviewer
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