Insurance companies offer policies for delays in delivery at home

13.02.2013 10:15
Articles about real estate | Insurance companies offer policies for delays in delivery at home Playing on the fears of compatriots who invest in the construction of apartments, insurance companies began to offer them a policy for delays in the commissioning of a residential building or a complete freeze of the object. Earlier this month, it was reported that the administration of the residential complex (LC) Park Stone asked Insurance Company (UK) with the proposal of a new product. In fact, customers can get from IC "satisfaction" if the date object or a delayed construction will generally be frozen. In the first case, the insurers offer to pay damages related to residential customers in rented apartments, the second ready to return the full value of the apartment. But if the investor transfers ownership of the paid "squares" insurers. The cost of such a policy will vary in the range of 2-4% of the sum insured: it can be either the market value of the apartment, or other amount which the buyer will want to get your hands in case nedostroyki home.

The LCD Park Stone confirmed the information, saying that at the moment, management considers the proposed scheme of work. "We understand that this may be of interest to customers. But so far with the insurers will not be sorted out all the issues, we propose a new service will not "- told" BB "in the press service of the company. Also while not made public and company, initiated the negotiation process.

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Today, this service is not popular among the customers, because the insurance companies do not fully understand the mechanism of operation. After all, we do not even have a single register of developers to evaluate their trustworthiness. In addition, it is an expensive service: when you consider that the average cost of an apartment in the new building comes to $ 100 thousand, the buyer will have to pay a minimum of $ 5 thousand in addition.

Lawyers remind: reshivshemusya buy an apartment at "primary" should take into account that the current legislation does not guarantee the safety of investments and get an apartment, for which he paid. Most of the problems inherent in the form of the purchase of new "squares." In particular, the most common ways to buy an apartment are: participation in the fund finance the construction, purchase of housing bonds or contracts of sale of property rights to the apartment.

At the same time, those who had the opportunity to buy an apartment, you know that the most reliable to simply sign a contract of sale. If the buyer acts as a co-investor (involved in construction financing funds), it bears all the investment risk. And it is unlikely in this case, it will help the insurance policy.

"I do not know any normal UK, which would have agreed to engage in this type of insurance. Moreover, I do not know, and none of the reinsurer, which would have agreed to reinsure it - says "BB" Lyudmila Beloshitkii, CEO of the association "The insurance business." - Because in this country, no home is not giving time and almost no object built without a buyer does not have to pay more, that is, is a question of changing the contract. So do not be put in order on the construction market, it is impossible to speak about insurance of financial risks. SC to be profitable, its award shall be 100% of the contract. "

Otherwise, according to Lyudmila Beloshitkii, insurance companies and real estate developers are in the hands of another way of siphoning money from his compatriots. First, the SC in the contract may prescribe such conditions that the accident had never occurred. "It is easy to analyze the statistics on the construction market and to find out how long the contractor usually draws object delivery, and thus knowingly prescribe a longer period," - said the expert.
Second, the market may appear temporary worker company. They can work in the following way: to charge customers to insure that the annual fee (usually a house being built in Ukraine, two or three years), and then withdraw the money collected abroad and dissolve. In this case, the buyer suffers again.

In addition, in the scheme of "divorce" can participate myself developer, if it acts as an insurance agent between the UK and the person acquiring housing. As is known, the agent works on commission, the amount of which may be up to 30%. Therefore, playing on the nerves of the buyer, the builder will strongly push him to the conclusion of the insurance contract.

So Ukrainians wishing to purchase housing in the primary market, experts advise better to choose a trustworthy builder deliberately than to communicate with questionable company and to insure any risks whatsoever.
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