In Yalta cottage village crawling on the «Glade of fairy tales!

28.05.2010 15:08
The oldest children's complex in the southern coast of Crimea "Glade of Fairy Tales" destroys landslide. Ground motion began after the construction of the slope cottages.
According to the "5 channel", private cottages erected just above the children's garden-museum. The soil was moved last year and this spring with the melting snow slide is rapidly gaining momentum.

For this reason, "Glade of fairy tales" abolished presentation of the new object - the fortress wall, which was built two years. The sculptors were planning to arrange a number of fabulous new exhibition. Instead, the wall is covered with cracks and became an emergency facility. In addition, the destroyed concrete fence, and the only road leading to the main exhibition, gradually drives off into the abyss.

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Administration "Glade of Fairy Tales" is unable to calculate losses. The shift of ground forces to permanently move the exposure. Heroes of the fairy tale "The Wizard of Oz" is established recently and planned to open to the holiday season, but now this market has become a zone of danger.

According to preliminary calculations, a landslide has caused damage to the museum-park at 200 thousand hryvnia. And to stop the destruction, you need about seven million hryvnia.

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