In Ukraine there is a high degree of risk for foreign investment

19.01.2011 17:51
Articles about real estate | In Ukraine there is a high degree of risk for foreign investment The index of investment risk Political Risk Atlas 2011, published by the British company Maplecroft up to 2010, suggests that Ukraine has retained a high degree of risk for foreign investment.

The annual index of investment risk is calculated for 196 countries since 2009 Top 10 ranking places occupied countries with critically high risk and volatile business environment: Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Iraq, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Pakistan and Russia .

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Prepared according to the report, over the past year in Ukraine deteriorated performance of corporate governance and macroeconomic stability, human rights in law enforcement and critically reduced the level of education. In addition, the country has increased the degree of government regulation of business and political stability, increased the overall stress of citizens and reduced the level of terrorist threat.

Thus, in the ranking in 2010 Ukraine has improved compared with 2009 its investment appeal and moved from 62 th to 74 th place, caught between Burkina Faso (Africa, 73 th) and the Republic of East Timor (Indonesia, 75-th place).

In addition, according to Maplecroft, in Ukraine, as well as almost the entire territory of the CIS, a high risk for investment of private business.

As head of the department of communications Maplecroft Jason McGowan, in the preparation of a report by experts used data from international organizations and media and information sources of the company.

Ranking of Political Risk Atlas compiled exclusively for the evaluation of investment attractiveness of the country, and not to be used for political purposes, "- said McGowan.

Recall that in the study in 2011 Index of Economic Freedom, prepared by U.S. think tank The Heritage Foundation, says that the index of economic freedom of Ukraine belongs to the category of repressed countries. For example, among European countries Ukraine is the last place, Kommersant-Ukraine.
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