In Ukraine, the soaring construction

17.09.2008 00:00
According to Goskomstat, for the last year (in June 2008 comparing with June 2007) prices in the construction industry grew by 41%. The maximum price increase was observed in the construction sector in agriculture - 49%. At the same time, despite the preparations for Euro 2012, construction of hotel and restaurant real estate going up more slowly. In July last year, prices in this sector were 38% lower than now.

According to statistics, construction inflation has started to gain momentum with threatening the start of this year.

In recent months, most significantly increasing its cost of construction works in the construction of complex industrial projects in mining and agriculture, as well as the structures of the transport industry.

Prices increased nearly 5% per month. As for the cost of the same work in the construction of housing, then the monthly growth in the first two months of the summer was 3%.

Experts explain that investors are quite active in the agricultural sector, reported Correspondent ".

"Building in Ukraine has become expensive," - stated Joseph Leo Bekhoff, CEO of the Century Ukraine. This company, part of the German company Veka AG, recently commissioned the plant for the production of window profiles, near Kiev.

In January-July 2008, the value of construction work in agriculture increased by 38% while the average in Ukraine - by 34%.
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