In Ukraine, is gaining momentum leasing real estate

10.12.2009 11:55
Articles about real estate | In Ukraine, is gaining momentum leasing real estate In 2008, commercial real estate leasing market in Ukraine will reach $ 500 million in regard to the Ukrainian market of real estate leasing in general, then its volume in 2007 totaled more than $ 700 million In the next 2-3 years this figure will increase to $ 4 billion, in the course of the press conference, said CEO "Immorent Ukraina" Mikhail Merkulov.

As the correspondent LigaBusinessInform, M. Merkulov said that recently a lot of leasing companies are entering the market of Ukraine. Basically it is organizations that are affiliates of banks.
"This market is only now emerging in Ukraine and is very attractive. You can say that the volume of the market - is the total value of all real estate in the country. After all, every owner of property is a potential lessor", - said Mikhail Merkulov.

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At the same time, he said, the presence of risk, expressed in the absence of appropriate legislation (transactions are regulated only by agreement between two parties), as well as problems in the taxation forced many players to work covertly, without advertising their trades.

The Director-General "Immorent Ukraina" and pointed to the prospect of this trend, in fact, he said, real estate leasing is a viable alternative to bank financing. M. Merkulov said that leasing companies are much more flexible, both in financial matters, and in the ways of cooperation.

For example, a company can buy in real estate leasing, or else resort to leaseback (the property owner can sell it and take it as a lease, and the proceeds sent to finance other projects).

It is also possible to work well in the European circuit, when, for example, a large trading network wants to enter the Ukrainian market, but it is not ready to invest in building stores. In this case involved the construction of a leasing company which then leases space to lease this retail chain.

The company "Immorent" founded in 1970 and specializes in complex services in an integrated concept of "leasing & more" ("lease and not only), including financing, development, construction management, supervision and administration of construction projects.

"Immorent Ukraine" is a subsidiary of the Austrian "Immorent AG", a member of the three largest leasing companies in Austria and belongs to the financial group Erste Group.

From 1997 to 2007, the company expanded its presence in the markets of Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Ukraine. "Immorent AG" also offers an international leasing in Germany, Poland and Switzerland.
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