In Ukraine, is gaining momentum a new format for country real estate

22.10.2010 11:35
Articles about real estate | In Ukraine, is gaining momentum a new format for country real estate In Ukraine, is gaining momentum a new format for country real estate - floating baths of the problem.

With the first autumn frosts bathhouse has attended training for the winter. Process of learning the latest innovations in construction and equipment of Russian and Finnish steam rooms in country houses has led to an unexpected result.

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Nothing fundamentally new in the bath and sauna construction and design in recent years did not happen. But it turned out that recently appeared in the country and is rapidly gaining popularity in Ukraine until the new format of the country real estate - floating-bath cottage.

It does not duplicate or replace the steam room in the cottage or on site, and is completely independent real estate with a separate purpose - to relax away from home in a warm male or female, or - what really must admit - of different sexes of the company.

Sauna club
On the reserved Zhukov island has a wonderful creek. The entrance to it obscures a floating pier, which rest on summer cruises in the Black and Mediterranean seas white motor yachts are deputies, ministers, famous athletes and entertainers. And in the depths of the Gulf along the coast on a completely politically correct distance from each other stand-bath villas on the pontoons. Their owners are jokingly referred to his dacha flotilla sauna club.

Directly in front of club added a new member. His brand new bath-giving moored to the shore. According to longtime residents, it was the younger Klitschko. Naturally, we immediately asked the spokesman Vladimir Klitschko Irina Datsyuk, if it's true.

It turned out there. However, not all that was important, who is currently here pribuksiroval bathhouse. Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko smiled at us with a picture on the wall interior bath-giving our tour guide on Bannomu club, its founder and informal leaders - former Minister of Housing and deputy of three convocations Alexey Kucherenko.

Below, tips, compiled from the words of Alexei Yurevich, anyone who wants to get a bath, cottage.

Permission. If you intend to build a floating bath on your own private lake, no documents required. In all other cases it is necessary environmental permits and other instances. Alexey Kucherenko and its first partners Bannomu club went the whole chain of approvals in 2001, and it was then on contributions from members of the club was built in the precincts of the capital of the first bath in the water.

Pontoon - the main part of the bath on the water. Alex Kucherenko built upon the beushnye pontoon, so the construction cost is relatively inexpensive - $ 10 thousand is now in the construction of water baths used welded plastic pontoons are made of polypropylene of different modules of domestic and imported.

Saloon. This is the room - a mandatory attribute baths and largest room. Along one wall in the restroom Alexey Kucherenko is a massage table, while others - soft chairs with a sofa for a company of six or seven people.

The walls, ceiling and floor of wooden flooring, large fridge - also under a tree. Saloon - the only room in the complex of baths, where there are strict design rules for a bath. Everyone can decorate it to their taste and understanding. Former Minister, for example, put in a corner of terra-cotta statuette of a naked woman mod magnificent forms.

Dressing room. In it a subdued, almost a museum covering all the necessary for a sauna. On the shoulders of a man of average height, in the corner put a barrel of solid wood with wrought iron hoops, filled to the brim with cold water. Over a barrel hanging handle - dernesh and fall on my head at once fifty liters of ice water from the suspended barrel. Another angle is the changing room shower massage shower, Charcot.

The system of contrasting cooling after sauna is designed for bathers delicate designs. Brave men, red hot glow in the sauna, whitefish directly into the Dnieper River, or down in the winter under the ice on the stairs.

Heart of a bath - a steam room. Alexei Kucherenko shelves in two levels of select alder planks. Wood stove for a built-in tank. Hot stones need to be watered with hot water, so as not cracked. Plyuhnesh some water on them - formed a cloud of steam, and you're not in a dry Finnish sauna, and a Russian bath. On the floor a bunch of oak logs, loaded with wood stove here in the steam room. Alex Kucherenko recognizes only a wood-burning fireplace for the sauna, assuming that electric heating dries and splits the air.

Pipe above the stove, wrapped in mesh, further filled with stones. It increases the efficiency of the stove as the heat persists.

Kucherenko said that once was a maximalist, bring the temperature in the sauna up to a hundred degrees and above. But then I realized that nothing good is not. Now prefers the European version of: 60-70 degrees.

Environmental standards. By the bath summed sewers, and on the shore stands a small building, covering the cesspool. On the island around the bay perfectly clean, as if no human foot trod. A water bloom white and yellow water lilies.

Where to buy
The market responded to the demand immediately, so that today the easiest way to order the production of project documentation and construction of the bath-giving specialist company. In Ukraine there are already several such companies, they are easily found on the Internet, asking the phrase "houseboat".

Obtaining permits for installation in numerous instances and register loading dock (so-called any construction on the water) is also better to instruct them, they provide such services. The fee for these services - upon request (the most expensive solution, of course, for the installation of bath-giving in the line of Kiev) and at the very cottage prices are fixed, start at $ 2 thousand per square meter (this price does not include interior decorating, furnishing and household appliances). You should also take into account the cost of parking (if the problem is at the wharf), the safety and technical inspection, which will take place every four to five years.

Alex Kucherenko - Ex-Minister of Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine

The first time I got to the bath in 15 years. This was the central city bath, now in its building Brokbusinessbank.

Our bath in the water, I go out on Sundays. Sauna - a fellowship in male company with the appropriate ritual, or the opportunity to be alone, relax, relax. In the sauna with my friends, politicians do not solve any problems, just relax. Were seldom political debate came to a scream, then realized that all this stuff full time. Who goes to the sauna, estimates saying "in the bath without all the cowards and all equal." Democratic atmosphere can not be.

On Epiphany in 2005, had three companies visited various saunas and swim three times in ice water. It was the first year of Viktor Yushchenko to power. Initially, there was a great president swimming with sauna. Then I went to Kozin, where another company had expected. At night the same ritual performed with Vladimir Litvin, and with members of the football club Fortuna. Three Epiphany, three steam rooms. Then I realized that the possibilities of the human body are endless and many baths do not happen.

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