In the «new Moscow» began to demolish houses

10.01.2012 00:00
Articles about real estate | In the «new Moscow» began to demolish houses Apartment buildings in horticultural associations "Gavrikova-1" and "Gifts of Nature" in the Leninsky district of Moscow region should be demolished by the owners.

Altogether, according to unofficial data, threatened with demolition were hundreds of homes, residents are asked the federal government to investigate the situation. Realtors in the meantime sold the apartment for the same address, write "Moscow News".

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"We bought an apartment in a 16-apartment building on a plot of six acres of garden-for-profit partnership" Gavrikova-1 "in fractional ownership, for it had sold its 4-room apartment - said one of the victims. - Began to make repairs. <. ..> And then came a summons to court Vidnovsky - the administration of Leninsky district of Moscow region felt that the house must be demolished because of misuse of the land. " Meanwhile, realtors tried to convince the woman that the documents at the house in order. Now her family of six huddled in a studio apartment. And the other "owners" have no money not only for new housing, but also to demolish the house.

The threat of demolition hung over the adjacent fellowship "Gifts of nature." "All we hear about the demolition was killed. Just some still hold, but the forces at all on the wane. After all, we pay any compensation for anyone not going. We were on the street with the elderly and children," - said one of the local residents. According to the lawyer Mikhail Zakharov, now in the courts of suburban towns prominent, Mytishchi, Odintsovo are lawsuits against the owners of administrations 50 such homes. All under threat of demolition, according to unofficial data, more than 500 of these houses, and in Odintsovo already demolished two of these homes, and attempts to solve the problem peacefully or to no avail.

"Administration districts say that the house will still be torn down - sooner or later - said the lawyer. - Motivate improper use designation of the land. Courts for the most part take on the demolition. They say that if buildings fall under the signs of apartment buildings, they do not may be located on agricultural land and garden associations. " Meanwhile, the construction of houses demolished nobody prevented, and the wave drifts occurred when the price of houses has increased several times.

The official representative of the Moscow Region Tatiana Poret said that the history of the demolition of houses in the garden-profit associations hears for the first time, advised to contact the administration of Leninsky district. However, the situation there declined to comment.

The fact that the expansion of Moscow could create a situation similar to that developed in Butovo, local residents said back in July. "Nothing good comes from the fact that our area will now be Moscow, I do not see. Just cut down all the wood and build the cottages all but them, and so there is complete - some of them said. - Of course it can, subsidies and pensions will increase, but this is again not for everyone, so what's wrong here than good. "

Although the Moscow authorities have promised to consider the opinions of truckers in the development of associated areas of the capital, activists point out that the public hearings and referenda, as prescribed by law, is not actually carried out or carried out with direct violations.
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