In the Krasnoyarsk region will invest in low-rise building

23.07.2010 12:35
East-Siberian bank of Sberbank of Russia and the construction company "architect" to sign the agreement on opening a non-revolving line of credit with a limit of 300 million rubles for a period of 7 years.<br /><br />7 July at 13.00 in the central building of the East-Siberian bank of Sberbank of Russia at Svobodnyi 46, vice president of Sberbank of Russia - the chairman of the East Siberian Bank Alexey Loginov and director of construction company "architect" Vladimir Shabunin sign an agreement to invest the 1 st stage building cottage "prominent" in the village elite Yemelyanovo district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.<br /><br />The project planned to build 429 private houses and 125 townhouses with total area of 73,100 square meters. m, creating a complete system engineering, social, cultural and consumer infrastructure: centralized water supply, sewerage, electricity and heating. Will be built kindergarten with elementary school, public, business and culture of household, commercial centers, a sports complex. The size of land plots - from 12 to 25 hectare, they have a status of land settlements (including the borders of subsection Elite). The project was approved by the regional government and parliamentarians, as a result it was decided to partially finance the construction of municipal infrastructure cottage at the expense of the regional budget.<br />When erecting cottage homes on land settlements in the area of the town planning code using new construction technologies that reduce the cost of housing, making it socially oriented. The cost of utilities 1 square. m house in the cottage "prominent" is comparable to urban rates. Along with quality housing infrastructure of the town and centralized engineering services designed to ensure future residents of urban comfort. Obtained permission for construction of individual houses, project financing and mortgage programs will be additional safeguards.<br /><br />It is expected that new home in the cottage "prominent" on the right about 2 thousand people. In the first stage is planned to erect 60 dwellings and part of the infrastructure.<br /><br />The project of the East-Siberian bank of Sberbank of Russia opens a new kind of lending - financing of low-rise construction, which allows you to start to actively develop the suburban area of Krasnoyarsk, making their own homes on their land available.<br /><br />Krasnoyarsk, wishing to buy a house on their land, can issue the credit in the Savings Bank "Mortgage +" on favorable terms, without additional collateral and guarantors. Thus, the future owner shall obtain the support of the bank, which approved the project to build a cottage "visible."<br /><br />
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