In Switzerland, built a house for people with MCS syndrome

04.05.2014 00:15
Articles about real estate | In Switzerland, built a house for people with MCS syndrome In Zurich there was a house built especially for people suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome, according to the portal "Inostrannik" with reference to RIA Novosti. Cost unusual eco-building project in the commune Lamey was 6.9 million dollars.
Patients suffering from the syndrome of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS ) overreact not only all kinds of chemical odors , but also to electromagnetic radiation. For this reason, eco- house is strictly non-smoking and the use of perfumed products, and are not permitted to use different gadgets , including mobile phones .

The apartment layout is different from the standard - so the bedroom and the living room is separated from the entrance of a long corridor , in front of which there is a room with shower: before you go to the living area , guests and tenants of apartments recommended to visit glass shower and change into clean clothes . All levels of 4- storey building equipped with a special ventilation system that eliminates any odors

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Currently, tenants of the house are 12 families, including the founder of the project - Christian Schifferli suffering from MCS syndrome since early childhood. All fifteen apartments in eco- building will be rented Available in long-term lease .

According to experts , today MCS syndrome does not have a clear program of treatment and medical justification. Among the inhabitants of Switzerland this disease affects approximately 5000 people. Accommodation of such people in eco- homes will not save them from multiple allergies, but will significantly improve health , experts say.
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