In Luhansk slowed the pace of construction

11.08.2008 00:00
Articles about real estate | In Luhansk slowed the pace of construction According to the General Statistics Department in Luhansk region, January-June 2008, the enterprises of the region carried out construction work amounting to 808.9 mln. Informs the press service of the ravine. Increase the workload of 1,7 times the company who perform work on completion of construction, 10,0% - in construction equipment rental with an operator.

Volume of construction enterprises have built up 3 cities and 4 districts. 2 times the volume of construction increased in Kremenskom area due to road construction, reconstruction, supermarket and overhaul of non-residential buildings.

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More than half (62,3%) of the total construction area is fulfilled by enterprises of cities of Lugansk, Alchevsk and Severodonetsk. In particular, 26.9% of the volume of work done builders Luhansk, which has reduced the volume of construction at 15.2%.

In the social sphere, the most important area is housing. During January-June 2008 was in operation 109,299 square meters. m total area, which is 3,7% less than in the first half of 2007. The majority of housing built in urban areas - 86,157 square meters. m, or 78,8% of the total. However, in January-June last year in the urban area was built dwellings on 7,3% more. In the countryside, took increasing amounts of housing at 12.4%. At the expense of State Budget commissioning of housing is not implemented.

Volumes of housing in the January-June 2008 compared with same period last year increased in 14 regions of the field. A significant increase in commissioned housing developers have reached the city Rubizhne, Novoaydarskogo and Popasnyansky areas. It should be noted that most housing built in the city of Lugansk - 34,220 square meters. m, or 31,3% of the total housing, introduced in the area.
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