In Dnepropetrovsk stopped the biggest land scam

30.07.2008 00:00
Articles about real estate | In Dnepropetrovsk stopped the biggest land scam Appellate Commercial Court of Dnipropetrovsk region has supported the claims of prosecutors and overturned the decision to transfer land to businessmen of the two at the Komsomolsk and green islands.
Thus the decision was reversed the Commercial Court of First Instance, which ordered the Dnipropetrovsk City Council consider approving the draft land allocation area of ??16.75 hectares at the Komsomolsk Island and 25.41 hectares - on Green Island, and the transfer of their company "Granit Invest "and, accordingly," Master Capital Management.

We are talking about recreational zones - Monastery and Green Islands, Peninsula Rybachiy, waterfront sites. It is these areas of the deputies would pass into the hands of the private owner.

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Scheme capture policy adopted by the MPs, quite simple and uncomplicated. First, a number of companies accuses city council of the delays in the consideration of land management projects and makes claims. Although the projects announced firmachami to their consideration of the same and are not prepared. Regional Economic Court of attention to it does not pay, and takes the side of plaintiffs. By the end of April in favor of ushlyh dealers was ready: the projects of developers at the meeting of the City Council to consider at once!

Judicial quibbler did not pay attention to the fact that none of the presented plots is not an auction, required by law.

The most conservative estimate, the underlying value of these lands will delay for 300 mln. And if you sell through an auction, as required by law, you can earn ten times more.

However, it is believed that the reason for the judicial ban on the deputy's land acquisition lies in the banal redistribution of the market. Observers believe, the intervention of judges in the affairs of local government due to the section "legacy" deputy of the previous convocation of Alexander Zhukov.

Most of them several years ago claimed Ltd Urban Investment Group (GIG) associated with the deputy of the previous convocation Alexander Zhukov. During 2002 - 2005 years of leadership of this group presented the Dnipropetrovsk many high-profile projects. For example, Mr. Zhukov intended to connect the monastery island with the city to build a pedestrian bridge and a water park there. At Rybal's'ke Peninsula, near zhilmassiva "Pridneprovskiy, ex-MP has promised to build a golf club, and in the neighborhood" Victory "- a few sports facilities. He also intends to extend the promenade from the center toward zhilmassiva "Victory" and implement a number of infrastructure projects, under which local authorities have reserved the "Urban Investment Group for a total of about 150 hectares of land.

But Alexander Zhukov overplayed their hand, having succeeded to the 2005 elections, during which he was perhaps the most active opponents of the governor Ivan Kulichenko only namyt sand and dredge at the Komsomolsk Island, organizing it paid beach. Defeated in the race for the seat of the Mayor, under pressure from various licensing authorities, he soon lost and sites.

And this spring they are interested in other structures. For example, an investment company "oligarch" in the court received land acquisition on 75.86 hectares golf club in the streets of Havana, 23, OOO Rohm Co., Ltd. - 4.11 hectares for a fitness center on the waterfront of Victory 56 - 76, and LLC Granite Invest - on namytuyu of Komsomolsk Island. To implement these projects investors have chosen the way of judicial influence on the city council. In The Economic Court of Dnipropetrovsk region, they have sent complaints to the requirement to provide land on lease and agree on the location of objects.

This activity attracted the attention of landowners regional prosecutor's office, which felt that the lawyers of the city council were too loyal to the candidates on the sites, and have appealed the court decision on which city council has pledged to agree on ROW.

Say which of the major developers claim to the island areas of Dnepropetrovsk, is still difficult. Himself, Mr. Zhukov his ownership of them denied. And of all the companies that are trying to sue the city land, only investment fund "Master Capital, once announced plans to build zhilmassiva" Vorontsov and Green Island.

The fate of hundreds of hectares of land still hangs in the air. The deputies of the City Council suspend the session and took a timeout.
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