In developers and investors in Ukraine introduced new features

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Articles about real estate | In developers and investors in Ukraine introduced new features Day of international experts (Inter-Experts Day) on IV-th National Forum "Real Estate Ukraine" December 9, 2015 gathered at the round table of experts from countries such as Spain, France, United Kingdom, India, Germany, Bulgaria, Latvia, Belgium, Kazakhstan , Lebanon, Ukraine and other countries to discuss issues expert community role in decision-making in real estate and the impact of these decisions on economic processes.  Master classes and qualified professionals from different areas of the real estate market presented by professionals from abroad.

Picture: In developers and investors in Ukraine introduced new featuresPresident of the World Council of brokers FIABCI, founder of the National Association of Realtors India Farouk Mahmoud
master class on "How to bring your company to the world level?" Told about the change in marketing approach requires the globalization of real estate and how to increase their profits via referrals?

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Referral marketing - is the spread of information about a product or service through relationships with existing clients of your company, rather than using advertising. Referral (from Eng. Referral - «direction") - an affiliate that is registered on the recommendation of another participant.

Farooq Mahmud told world business standards; new ways of thinking; new ways of marketing; brand management; the growing importance of cross-border client referrals; role of the Internet and social media networks; the role of international relations in the business.
"Personal relationships open doors - Surround yourself better people to get to the top door."

Picture: In developers and investors in Ukraine introduced new featuresPresident of FIABCI-Spain, vice president of the Association of real estate agents of Catalonia Ramon Riera Toroba during a master class "How to work with brokers (Realtors) in Catalonia?" described the current situation in the property market in Spain / Catalonia; the standards of the companies that are part of the Spanish association of estate agents, the structure and the services provided by the Association of real estate agents of Catalonia; of the key players in Catalonia and throughout Spain, to navigate, to whom the market can actually trust; draw a clear understanding of Ukrainian realtors legal requirements for realtors (estate agents) in Spain, if someone is interested to start their own activities in this market.

Picture: In developers and investors in Ukraine introduced new featuresPresident of FIABCI-Germany, Vice-President of the Committee awards the best development projects world Prix d'Excellence FIABCI International Jana Mrovets
his workshop "Global Megatrend and innovative concept in real estate development" dedicated developers, realtors and investors.

We live in a rapidly changing world. Global Megatrend affect all areas of our lives, including real estate. As a result, we are faced with new challenges and opportunities. "Business as usual" is no longer a concept that will lead to success. Master Class gave a brief overview of Global Megatrend related to real estate and Mrs Mrovets cited a number of business opportunities. Innovative concepts in the real estate sector were demonstrated by examples of exemplary projects in the world.

Jan Mrovets shared global trends in the world of construction and innovative solutions that give every day a new field for growth of developer mind.

Picture: In developers and investors in Ukraine introduced new featuresThe experts, appraisers, managers, business owners and young professionals from real estate are just beginning your journey, spent 3 hours enjoyment of professional and motivational communication with the professor, president of FIABCI-Belgium, MRICS, owner GIMOV BVBA (coaching advising investors), the owner Nelde NV , the world-famous real estate business coach Hendrik Nelde.

In his workshop visitors learned about the correct setting tasks to members of his team (because it is one of the key components of success!) methods and principles of prioritization; proper organization of work; a deep understanding of consumer demand;

In his masterclass those who wanted certified real estate education, received international certificate (issued to each participant registered document the completion of special training). But the most valuable is that after this master class, each participant understood in order to be successful, you need to take concrete steps, and that "success - is not an accident!"
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