Ideal location for home feng shui

08.10.2010 00:04
Articles about real estate | Ideal location for home feng shui Almost all feng shui experts agree that the ideal place to build a house is a protective 'kresloobraznaya'
shape of the hill, also known as 'dragon guarding the pearl' or 'mother, hugs the child'. This form ensures the correct position around the house four powerful animal symbols - the forces of the earth: green dragon, white tiger, black tortoise and red phoenix.

Land and house should be located to the south facade and the rear must defend their highest mountain (black tortoise). Then on the right, the west side of the house will protect the ferocious white tiger, and on the left, East - Green Dragon (dragon's side should be slightly higher by a tiger).

The lowest part of the home and land - the facade, facing south - is the party of red phoenix, a kind of 'bench', standing at the feet of 'chair'.

Tortoise, tiger and dragon absorb and emit their own chi, and can also pick a favorable chi passing through Phoenix. Ideally, the house must be located in the middle of the mountains of black turtles (ie not too high nor too low) and look over the Phoenix impressive, regal look.

If the ideal location for building houses is not available, refer to geomancy. It will determine what should be done to bring into balance all earthly powers, to achieve harmony and tranquility.
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